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How to Use Project Based Learning to Engage Students & Unlock Their Potential

Project Based Learning

Listen as Vicki Davis (aka the Cool Cat Teacher) shares with us why project based learning is so powerful, how to get started, and tips to do so effectively:

listen to discover...

  • The hallmarks of the best projects
  • Ideas & examples of specific project based learning activities for science, math, and more - from elementary through high school
  • Where to find more project ideas
  • The difference between a worthwhile project based learning activity and a time-wasting Grecian Urn project.
  • How to use project leaders to enhance student learning and leadership
  •  The big mistake Vicki made when she started implementing project based learning (and how to avoid it)

Key project based learning takeaways:

  • Project Based Learning is not just doing a project (like making a poster for what you're learning). Project Based Learning (PBL) means students are learning as part of the project as students engage in real-world problems or complex questions.
  • Project based learning is a great way to make your subject real & make it come alive.
  • Projects don't  have to span weeks of time. You can start with smaller projects that focus on real world application.
  • Projects give you a way to have deeper learning, collaboration, and creativity.
  •  After implementing project-based learning, Vicki noticed that her students - years later - still remembered what they learned through the project & were excited to share their experience with younger students.
  • You shouldn't ONLY do projects, but it is a fantastic tool to have in your toolkit.
  •  The goal is get your students so excited about what they're creating and learning that they talk about it and work on it voluntarily on their own time.
  • There are times in project-based learning when you need to let your students have productive struggles, without jumping in to help them. I'll often say, "Hmm, I don't know. What do you think?"
Productive Struggle

where to get ideas 

Want to get started with project based learning? Here are some ideas...

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Project Based Learning
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  • Our Father in Heaven is the only one who can help us teach His childdren. He wants them to succeed and we are the means to help Him. We need His guidance to see far beyond our demands, to reach to each one of our students to help them learn.

  • Project-based learning cultivates the analytical and critical thinking of students. More so, it enhances their creativity. Because they are creating something relevant and enthusing, it sticks to their minds and memories. It can be a mindful experience that promotes better learning that is engaging and less stressful.

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