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30 Prayers for Christian Teachers

When we did our Prayer Challenge for Teachers last May, I was so encouraged (and somewhat shocked) when over 5,000 teachers enthusiastically signed up to pray for their students, their schools, and themselves.

The Prayer Challenge went great, but it was more than just an exercise to make us feel good about ourselves, to check prayer off our “know we should do this” list.

Prayer is the most important work we can do.

30 life-changing prayers for christian teachers

It’s easy to lose sight in all the busyness – all the things that are so urgent that they feel important. But one thing is needed more than all the prepwork, grading, phone calls, and meetings – and that is prayer.

Because prayer truly does change things. It not only moves God to act in the affairs of our lives and classrooms, but it also changes our own hearts and brings them in alignment with His perfect plan.

So with the importance of prayer utmost in our minds, I’d love to provide a list of specific things you can pray for today & throughout the year.

30 Prayers for Christian Teachers

  1. That students will be motivated, focused, and on-task
  2. That God would give you opportunities to speak truth into your students’ lives
  3. That there would be a spirit of unity & respect amongst your students
  4. That your students would feel safe & loved in your classroom
  5. That your students’ families and homes would be strengthened
  6. That God would keep your students safe from danger
  7. That God would work in your students’ lives to draw them to Himself
  8. That God would keep your students from sin and its deception
  9. That God would bring the right friends and mentors into your students’ lives to guide and encourage them
  10. That God would direct your students’ future plans into the paths He has for them
  11. That God would help you see your students’ needs and give you opportunities to help them
  12. That God would give you wisdom to know how to handle various situations that arise in your classroom
  13. That God would show you what needs to change in your own life & give you the grace to be more like Him
  14. That God would empty you of yourself & fill you with His Spirit
  15. That God would give you strength and energy to do His work today
  16. That God would give you a love for each of your students, especially the ones that try your patience
  17. That God would give you boldness to speak the truth and love to share it effectively
  18. That God would help you use your time wisely and to know how to care for both your students and your family
  19. That God would bring the right friends & mentors into your own life to encourage and strengthen you (and that you will be an encouragement & mentor to others)
  20. That God would give you the right words as you teach so that you will be effective, engaging, and relevant
  21. That you would depend on His Spirit and not on your own strength
  22. That others would see Jesus in you & be drawn to Him. And that you would be a bright light leading others to Him
  23. That your fellow teachers would have energy & wisdom
  24. That God would give strength to the school’s support staff
  25. That your administration would have wisdom to make the right decisions
  26. That there would be a spirit of unity amongst the faculty, staff, and administration
  27. That God’s Spirit would be at work in hearts and lives
  28. That the parents would be involved and that there would be a spirit of oneness and cooperation
  29. That God would direct the decisions that are being made that you have no control over
  30. That God would bring the right teachers, administration, staff, students, and to your school

What prayers would you add to the list? Share them with a comment below.

Join our Prayer Challenge

We’re committing to simply pray – for God to work in our students, our schools, and our own lives. We’ll pray and see what God will do.

Click here to join the 21-Day Prayer Challenge for Christian teachers.

prayer challenge for Christian teachers


Would you like a beautiful & tangible way to remember & focus on these prayers? Click here to  purchase a set of prayer cards that include all these prayers and more, along with blank cards and encouraging Scripture.


Linda Kardamis

I believe that when God calls us to teach, He promises the strength & wisdom to do it well. All we need to do is keep learning, growing, and depending on Him. I'm here to provide practical advice and Biblical encouragement so you'll have the confidence and perspective to not only inspire your students but reach their hearts as well.

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Marilyn Bowman - February 4, 2017

Maybe a prayer about the finances of the school. Most Christian schools worry about money. Especially schools like me that are not church affiliated.

Thank you for being there for us! I am glad I found you!


AMITA GONZALES - August 1, 2017

very encouraging and helpful site…. GOD bless you more.

Victoria Childs - August 25, 2017

Thank you. Teaching is very difficult for me now. I work in a public school. These prayers are right on target. I will add these to my morning prayer every morning. Praise the Lord for this site. Sadly, I dread going to work. I have a love for children and teaching, but truth is the kids are just all over the place and so is the staff. It is not oneness. I work with at risk students. I want more mentors and motivational speakers for them. In my school I am just a small voice. Everything and I mean everything I would like to pray about are in those prayers. I pray the classroom be a positive safe haven for the students and me. I pray to continue to love kids and teaching and to remain in my character. I have been feeling so overwhelmed and incompetent.

Linge Sokupa - September 9, 2017

It is inspiring.Thank you for helping teachers, their task need wisdom from the Master teacher(Jesus).Stay blesses

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