tackling teaching challenges from a biblical perspective

Welcome to the Teach 4 the Heart podcast where we tackle teaching challenges from a Biblical perspective.

Why are we here? Because we don’t believe that our spiritual walk & teaching profession should exist in two separate domains. Rather, the hope we have in Christ should change how we approach everything -  not just at home, but at school as well.

So join us as we explore both the spiritual & practical sides of key teaching challenges, integrating them together so we can succeed at teaching, glorify God, and make a lasting difference in our students’ hearts and lives.

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Hey Linda! Do you have any advice on...


Podcast Reviews

Linda knows how to dig in and help you find solutions to your problems. I really like that her tips are something I can walk away and apply right now.

The Tutor House

I appreciate this short, practical podcast. I especially like her emphasis on the reason for classroom management – so you can focus on relationships and teaching.

Podcast Listener

I want to thank God for putting YOU in my life. I had asked for prayers and I know you prayed for me and all teachers that might be struggling in every part of their lives. Your support has been so GIGANTICALLY helpful to me. I want to tell the world. Podcast 5 and 6 is exactly what I needed and is perfectly timed.


I’m feeling inspired, motivated, and empowered by Linda’s realistic and personal approach. She offers a good balance of advice for teachers of various grade levels, not just elementary teachers. The spiritual tips are also incredibly helpful and appreciated.


This is my very favorite teaching podcast! I have found it so helpful when I need encouragement and/or information about a topic I’ve been thinking about. I enjoy her way of sharing materials. With Teach 4 the Heart you get straight talk without a bunch of lalala.


You and Angela Watson have provided resources that are helping me get through the difficult times and spur me on to give my very best everyday. It seems like every other week I am wondering if I made a mistake going into teaching, crying out to the Lord for a way of escape from the stress and pressure and lack of finances. Then I listen to your podcast or read a great idea from Angela and you virtually talk me off the ledge. ? THANK YOU.

Heidi K.

Every communication I have received from Teach4TheHeart has been encouraging, uplifting and filled with hope. What you all are doing is not only an incredible blessing to teachers today, but also for the generations forming now, under the tutelage of those teachers whose hearts and minds you all are able to keep fresh, hopeful and encouraged. Keep up the good work!

Cynthia J

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