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What is the Teach 4 the Heart Podcast?

In the Teach 4 the Heart podcast, I (Linda Kardamis) strive to give teachers the ideas & inspiration they need to overcome their teaching challenges & make a lasting difference in their students’ lives.

Designed for Christian teachers in both public and private schools, the Teach 4 the Heart Podcast strives to present every discussion from a Biblical perspective.

Each season will cover a different topic. In Season 1, we're delving into classroom management. 

Season 1: Classroom Management

In season 1, we're discussing specific strategies for how to gain & keep your students' attention. Our goal is to help you minimize problems so that you can focus on what really matters - teaching and impacting your students' lives.

#1: A Quick & Easy Method to Calm a Disruptive Class

#2: A Step-by-Step Plan to Regain Control of Your Classroom

#3: How to Create a Classroom Shake-Up

#4: How to Teach Procedures that Your Students Will Actually Follow

#5: Should You Be Nice or Strict?

#6: 7 Easy Ways to Destroy your Rapport with Students

#7: How to Counsel a Student

#8: Handling Students' Complaints and Not-so-Sincere Questions

#9: What to do With the Student Who's Driving You Crazy

#10: 10 Ways to Prevent Discipline Problems

#11: An Introduction to Whole Brain Teaching

#12: 10 Classroom Procedures That Will Save Your Sanity

Season 2: Work/Life Balance & Productivity

In season 2, we're tackling a common problem for teachers: how to get everything done without letting it take over your life.

#13: 8 Lies Teachers Tell Themselves About Work/Life Balance

#14: Keys for Teachers to Save Time, be More Productive, & Finally Find Balance

#15: 9 Ways to Reduce Distractions & Disruptions During Planning Periods 

#16: 25 Ways to Save Time & Take Home Less Work

#17: 5 Ways Budgeting Your Time Will Make You Truly Rich

#18: 8 Reasons You Can't Keep Up this Pace (and what you can do about it)

#19: 6 Traits of Teachers Who Are Reducing Their Workload with the 40 Hour Teacher Workweek

#20: Real Teachers Share Their Time-Saving Tips & Experience With the 40 Hour Teacher Workweek

Bonus: How to End the 24/7 Teacher Stress Cycle

Season 3: 10 Traits of Impactful Christian Teachers

This season we’re discussing 10 traits of impactful Christian teachers – characteristics we need to focus on if we want to go beyond just teaching academics and make a significant impact on our students’ lives. We’re discussing each trait one by one to see what the Bible has to say about it & what it looks day-to-day in the classroom.

S3 E1: The True Mission of Impactful Christian Teachers

S3 E2: Striving for Excellence (but not perfectionism)

S3 E3: 12 Ways to show God's Love for Our Students

S3 E4: How to Teach for the Heart (not outward behavior)

S3 E5: The Power of Being Humble & Real

S3 E6: How to Encourage & Edify Your Students & Colleagues

S3 E7: 15 Ways to Strenghten Your Relationship with God

S3 E8: Seeking Truth by Thinking Biblically

S3 E9: 5 Keys to Trusting God to Relieve Worry & Stress

S3 E10: The Allure of the Fruit of the Spirit

Season 4: Teacher Challenges

Season 4 is all about common challenges that teachers face & how to overcome them

S4 E1: Parents are Complaining about You. Now What!?

S4 E2: How to Make Homework Valuable & Hold Students Accountable

S4 E3: Why Religion DOES Belong in the Public School (2 objections debunked) 

S4 E4: When You ARE Allowed to Bring God into the Public School 

S4 E5: What to Do When You're Losing Your Voice

S4 E6: 8 Reasons You're Feeling Discouraged as a Teacher (and how to fix them)

S4 E7: When You Feel Alone as a Teacher

S4 E8: 9 Ways to Help a Failing Student

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