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Ready to unbury yourself from the overwhelm?

Your step-by-step plan to reduce stress
& establish balance


You missed out!

Teaching shouldn't control your entire life!

Your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to...

Cut 5-10 hours off your workweek without sacrificing your effectiveness

so you can stop feeling stressed & preserve time & energy for your family & personal life.


But how do you get there? 

Reclaim Your Time 101 isn't just another course.

You'll get bite-sized training videos & quick, easy-to-implement actions that will save you time & start creating better balance from day 1.

In just a few short weeks you'll cut 5-10 hours off your workweek,  dramatically reduce your stress, & unbury yourself from overwhelm!


Imagine how different things could be...

  • Imagine having an extra 5-10 hours each week to spend on things that bring you joy.
  • Consider how it might feel to only spend planning time on crucial tasks that truly move the needle.
  • Think of all the extra fun you could have with your favorite people because you actually have energy left at the end of the day.
I generally have time to get everything done without working insane hours.


and build a work/life balance that allows you to teach for years to come!

25 Creative Ways to Use Parent Volunteers in Your Classroom


  • SAVE energy for the people and things that matter outside school.
  • STOP working on tasks that don't improve the quality of education you deliver.
  • RETURN teaching to the its proper place in your world - an important mission field, not an all-consuming career. 


Reclaim Your Time 101

Your step-by-step plan to reduce stress & establish balance

"I finally feel like I can get a handle on my to-do list! This program gave me actual useable systems to implement right away!"

the reclaim your time process

Your mission is to cut 5-10 hours off your workweek without sacrificing your effectiveness so you can stop feeling stressed and preserve time & energy for your family & personal life.

Here are the steps we'll take to accomplish this important mission!


Schedule your time

Reduce stress & quickly improve work/life balance by planning with intentionality - and a heavy eye on reality.


prioritize what matters most

The reality is that we cannot do everything - and we actually don’t have to! But we DO need to prioritize things that move the needle and make sure they get done.



Save tons of time by by letting go of projects & expectations that aren't necessary and reducing time spent on needed, but not high-priority tasks.


streamline & organize

Maximize your efficiency by arranging your schedule according to your unique personality & circumstances.


DELEGATE effectively

Get more done overall PLUS  spend time where it's most valuable by delegating. I promise, it's totally doable! 

In just a few short weeks you'll cut 5-10 hours off your workweek,  dramatically reduce your stress, & unbury yourself from overwhelm!


In Reclaim Your Time 101, we will walk you through each step of this process so that you can reduce stress & establish balance. HOW? With everything you see below.

Build your classroom management plan with Teach 4 the Heart


We walk you through step-by-step to bring order from your chaos in ON-DEMAND trainings you can fit inside your already-busy life. Listen while driving, cooking, cleaning, etc.


Transform your schedule and energy output  one small decision at a time by completing the action steps that are built into each lesson. 


You are NOT on your own! Get one-on-one help when you submit questions to our support inbox or attend one of our live coaching calls. Your enrollment includes 3 months of access to our mentor team! 


You'll learn alongside fellow teachers and enjoy the support, fellowship, and encouragement that comes from learning in community.

Start Class Without the Chaos


You'll emerge with a clear, flexible plan for how you'll spend your time that smoothly adapts to life's changing seasons. As a result, you'll find yourself less overwhelmed at the end of the day & you'll be able to continue teaching for years to come.


Reclaim Your Time 101

Your step-by-step plan to reduce stress
& establish balance

Your step-by-step plan to reduce stress & establish balance

This is totally doable!


You don't have much time to spare so we've designed these trainings to be split into short, easily-consumable videos you can watch in 10 minutes or less. Stream & listen while driving, folding laundry, or loading the dishwasher and you'll be amazed at the huge changes that result from stringing together these short segments of time.

quick, simple to-dos 

If you want to turn your schedule around quickly, you totally can! These action steps will get you results FAST - step-by-step unburying you from the overwhelm, helping you reduce stress & find balance.  


Get bonuses that support your growth without adding extra to-dos: 

  • Learn 15 ideas to make use of lost time in your weekly routines so you can make this course happen. 
  • Ask questions of our mentors as you personalize and implement your plan during your complementary 3-month membership inside Teach 4 the Heart PLUS.      
  • Join the community of teachers who are working on this exact same process alongside you. 

"Amazing! So helpful. I have been terrible about delegating in the past, I often think it is a good idea with my 3 boys at home or my class but find it really difficult to do. This clear teaching has helped soooo much!"

          - Merryn, primary teacher (Australia)

You'll find it all inside

Reclaim Your Time 101

Your step-by-step plan to reduce stress
& establish balance

Your step-by-step plan to reduce stress & establish balance

"Finally, a course for teachers of faith that takes a whole-hearted approach to bringing balance to our calling."

          - Janette M, Middle school history teacher


Maybe the better question is - can you afford not to take the time for this?

#TeacherTired: How to Find Strength When You're Not Sure You Can Keep Going

Is it possible to remain a teacher the way life is right now? Can you keep going as-is if nothing changes? 

This course will make your teacher life so much EASIER and save you TONS of time, as you prioritize your time and eliminate tasks that offer minimal impact in your classroom.

PLUS - We know your plate is already full, so we've designed this course to be fast & flexible - and to work with your schedule.


ENROLL TODAY to get $194 of AMAZING BONUSES, designed to help ELIMINATE STRESS even faster!

15 ways to Find 15-minutes 

Don't think you have the time to fit one more thing into your workweek? We'll share creative ways you can carve 15-minute chunks from your week so you can make these necessary and lasting changes.

($17 value)

Reclaim Your Time 101 Workbook

The workbook contains all the tools you need to tame your to-do list.

($22 value)

Bonus Trainings

This growing, curated video & article library provides specific, practical solutions you can apply to your unique time management struggles.

($35 value)


Get one-on-one help when you submit questions to our support inbox, or attend one of our live coaching calls. Your enrollment includes 3 months of access to our mentor team! 

($60 value)

Support System

RYT101 includes three months in our members-only support community, exclusively for those taking our courses or VIP members.

($60 value)

All theses bonuses are included at NO ADDITIONAL COST when you enroll today!

Backed by our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

  • The training videos will be super practical and focused on solutions. 
  • We will not waste your time with fluff, filler, or irrelevant theory that doesn't actually help.
  • Everything you learn will be from a  Biblical perspective.
  • You will emerge confident, armed with a plan so you know how to handle the issues that arise in your classroom.

If for any reason you're not fully satisfied with this program, let us know within 30 days for a full, no-hassle refund.

Get started now!

Get ready to cut 5-10 hours off your workweek!

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"Highly recommend, no matter how much or how little teaching experience you have."

- Brooke

BIG changes can happen in a short amount of time! 

You can create boundaries around your time & develop routines so all the essentials get done. 

You can stop spending hours on tasks that don't move the needle and feel satisfied you've done enough.

And you can learn how to do all of this without sacrificing what matters or becoming less effective as a teacher.

It's time to turn things around so...

  • You're able to let your mind relax & enjoy your time at home knowing you've prioritized the most important things.
  • You can enjoy teaching instead of always  feeling stressed & frustrated that the to-do list never ends.
  • You can have a career that's manageable, where you can continue making an impact for years to come.
stay at home mom and son
Build a life that's sustainable with


This course is designed for K-12 teachers who want to eliminate time and energy spent on work-related tasks without sacrificing their effectiveness.

If you're a teacher who is struggling to know when to stop working at the end of the day, you'll gain the knowledge you need to assess your own expectations, set your priorities and build a manageable schedule!

And if you've been following Teach 4 the Heart for long, you'll notice that we use Christian and Scriptural examples from time to time. Reclaim Your Time 101 is designed to benefit Christian teachers working in both private and public schools alike. God has so much to say about rest and the importance of work. I can't wait to help you create a life that honors both. 

Although in Reclaim Your Time 101 we do talk about faith, the RYT 101 time-saving principles apply to any teacher anywhere!  Even if you're not a Christian teacher, you will benefit from what you learn in this course about time management.


Reclaim Your Time 101 provides all the practical knowledge you need to confidently cut 5-10 hours off your workweek. It was thoughtfully designed to help you:

  • Learn how to make use of lost time in your weekly routines.
  • Maximize your efficiency by arranging your schedule based on your unique needs.
  • Discover how to delegate effectively and efficiently.
  • Build a career and life that are sustainable.


We know you do NOT have time for another long course, so Reclaim Your Time 101 is designed to save you time, fast!

Bite-sized videos (typically 5-10 minutes long) give you quick, easy-to-implement actions that will immediately save you time & start improving your work-life balance.

How to Create a Classroom Management Plan that Works

If you can dedicate just 15-30 minutes per week, you should be able to easily finish the course within three months! Of course you can always work more quickly or take your time. The pace is totally up to you!

No matter how quickly or slowly you go through the course, you'll find easy action steps to help unbury you from the overwhelm & help you accomplish your mission to cut 5-10 hours off your workweek so you can stop feeling stressed and preserve time & energy for your family & personal life.


If you've felt consistenly depleted of energy & it's making you wonder if you can continue teaching next year then, YES, absolutely. It's totally normal to demand that things change. There will always be things we can't make different - like district requirements - but there are so many things you DO have control over.  In this course, you'll go through the same steps I did to leave at my contract time every day while still being an effective teacher. You'll learn how to set up your time for success, establish and keep up with expectations, and reserve energy for what really matters.

As a result, you'll feel better and actually start to enjoy teaching again. And that is well worth the price of enrollment!


When you finish the course you'll be able to download a certificate of completion stating that you completed the 6+ hour course. You can then submit this certificate to your administrator for approval for professional development or continuing education credits.

*ACSI teachers/schools: We are working with ACSI to get this course approved for ACSI CEU's. Contact us upon completion of the course for official ACSI paperwork/credit submission.

*AACS teachers/schools: You can receive PD credit for this course by filling out the AACS PD form requesting approval to receive credit for this course. (AACS teachers have successfully received PD credit for this course in the past.)

what TEACHERS are saying...

"I truly wish I had found this before starting my first year of teaching (last year). It would have made the year much, much better."

"It's so crucial being reminded that I need to be both intentional and realistic with my time in order to have a schedule that is sustainable!"

"I finally feel like I can get a handle on my to-do list! This program gave me actual useable systems to implement right away!"

"It is okay to not be able to do it all."

If you're struggling to create a teacher life that doesn't consume you, we can help.

Linda Kardamis teaching


I'm Linda KardamisMy teacher friends were always amazed at how much I could get done in a short amount of time. You see, when I taught, I typically left school before 4 pm, without taking too much home. It just... came naturally to me.

But then I moved on from teaching and God led me to start Teach 4 the Heart, where I heard more & more from overwhelmed teachers who were exhausted and on the verge of quitting. And I wondered - could I take what I knew how to do and teach others to do it?

I’m thrilled to say I HAVE come up with a system - a set of practices that can help any teacher do what I did - or at least get a lot closer.

I firmly believe that you can be an amazing teacher and do it in a reasonable amount of time. And I want to show you HOW.

Linda Kardamis teaching

I've assembled all those bite-sized steps into Reclaim Your Time 101. This course gives you easy-to-implement actions so you can cut 5-10 hours off your workweek, stop feeling stressed & preserve time and energy for your family and other important priorities!

I can't wait to help you make that a reality!

"This program works but you have to work it and not procrastinate. It is making a difference in my life, and I am very grateful to have found Teach4 the Heart."

- Marek D., ESL teacher

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Your step-by-step plan to reduce stress & establish balance.