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  • All the Best Teaching Solutions for 2020-21 (Includes Remote Learning, Hybrid Learning, Social Distancing, and More!)

All the Best Teaching Solutions for 2020-21 (Includes Remote Learning, Hybrid Learning, Social Distancing, and More!)

hybrid learning

Teachers are living through what is possibly the most challenging school year any teacher has ever faced in modern history. School districts are moving between in-person learning with social distancing guidelines, online learning, or a hybrid learning model with a mix of the two. As the numbers of COVID-19 cases fluctuate, so do the forms that learning takes. How does a teacher plan and prepare as these changes happen?

We have done a true deep dive into the resources, courses, blog articles, YouTube videos, and more covering the various learning models we have been facing this year. We have searched for truly practical strategies that will benefit teachers without totally overwhelming them. So many professionals with varying experiences are willing to share their expertise and we have done the work for you in finding them. 

Free Courses for online teaching

If you're looking for more in-depth training without spending a cent, these free courses are the way to go. 

mindset shifts for teaching in 2020-21

Accepting that the 2020-2021 school year looks different requires some mindset shifts. If you're struggling with this, here are some resources to help.

In-Person Teaching With Social Distancing

If you're not sure what teaching in the physical classroom should look like with masks, social distancing, and hygiene protocols, check out these resources.

Designing an Online Lesson

If you feel like you have no idea what you're doing with online learning or if you're a brand new teacher, these resources are a good place to start. They cover the basics of designing an online lesson, so they can be used for distance or hybrid learning. 

  • Steps to Designing an E-Learning or Online Unit - Elizabeth Taylor from Between the Lines shares the 10 steps she goes through when designing an online unit and includes specific ideas for how to complete each step effectively. 
  • Virtual Best Practices Webinar - This awesome webinar comes from the California Teachers Assocation. Nicole Piper shares a basic overview of the elements needed for an online class, but she also goes through each element with visual examples and she makes it FUN.
  • How to be the Effective Online Math Teacher You Need to be! - Two Boys and a Dad takes the basic overview from the webinar above and applies it specifically to teaching a math class online. He includes example slides, shares how to use virtual manipulatives, and more! 
  • How to Teach Remotely - The New Edtech Classroom shares 10 principles for translating an in-person teaching experience to an online one. He also shares the wide variety of platforms that can be used to fulfill each of these principles. 

student engagement and accountability

So many teachers shared at the end of last school year that they had students who completely stopped logging on and doing the work. How do we help keep students engaged in distance or hybrid learning?  How do we hold them accountable? These resources can help answer such tough questions.

tips for hybrid learning

A hybrid learning model refers to a combination of in-person and distance learning. Sometimes, it can mean that some students are learning online full-time, while others are in the classroom. However, the teacher must communicate the same instruction to both kinds of learners.

Improving Your Hybrid or Online Teaching

If you feel like you have the basics of teaching online down and want to elevate your instruction, these are your resources.

  • 9 Ways Online Teaching Should be Different from Face-to-Face - In a conversation with Jennifer Gonzalez of Cult of Pedagogy, Melanie Kitchen shares 9 ways online teaching should look different than in-person learning and a few things that should stay the same.
  • Teacher Training Videos - This web page is full of free teacher training videos specific to teaching online. If there's a new tool you're wanting to try, there's a good chance Russell has a video about it! He also has videos on online teaching tips for student collaboration, student assessment, and more. 
  • 70 E-Learning Activities - Matt Miller from Ditch That Textbook shares links to 70 elearning activities, templates, and tutorials in this article. If you're looking to try something new with your online lessons, start here.
  • A Few Creative Ways to Use Student Blogs - Having students start their own blog can be a great long-term project for hybrid or online learning- they can work on their blog from anywhere! It's also easy to assess the students and know they're not cheating or copying with this assignment.
  • How to Limit Your Students' Screen Time - If you're concerned about your students spending hours staring at a screen, implement more independent work! Michael Linsin provides tips for doing this in a virtual way. 
  • How to Humanize your Classroom so Kids are Known, Valued, Respected, & Safe - Dave Stuart Jr. talks to Angela Watson of Cornerstone for Teachers about humanizing your classroom- whether it's online or in-person. 

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And if you're looking for specific tools to use in distance, hybrid, or flipped learning, read our article Teacher Tech Tools for Digital or Blended Learning next. 

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hybrid learning

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  • Change is the only thing in the world that is consistent. Covid has changed the entire world forever. By the way, your post is awesome and informative.

  • I almost took the course from Ditch That Textbook and I can confirm that there is an incredible amount of useful information there for those who have not practiced remote learning before. As a total novice, I was immersed in the process of remote learning, but this course was the only one that helped me understand what I was doing wrong.
    Thank you, these are helpful resources for me. We are continuing remote learning next semester and I would like to make the process the most effective. Student engagement and accountability are the most relevant.

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