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#TeacherTired: How to Find Strength When You’re Not Sure You Can Keep Going


 Feeling #TeacherTired? Join this conversation with Gina Rodriguez, author of the book #TeacherTired as we discuss how to find strength in God when you're just not sure you can keep going.

listen here:

time stamps

(3:00) How prayer and reading the Word can help you as a tired teacher

(5:04) Is God in public schools?

(7:19) Where did the word university come from (and why does it matter)?

(9:14) Facing division and clashing opinions

(12:23) How do we develop a sense of calm among the busyness of teaching?

(15:24) When you want to be the “number 1” teacher

(18:37) What you need to hear if you feel like you want to quit teaching

(20:32) Combatting fear with the Bible


Key Takeaways

- Prayer and the Word of God are powerful. 

-It’s not just pastors who do ministry! We are ALL the body of Christ, the light into the darkness, and the living letter to the world.

-God is in public schools because He has placed us- Christians- there.

-Unity in diversity; we are called to unity, but that doesn't mean we are all the same.

-When you get offended by something, take it to the Lord and ask Him how you should respond to represent Him well, rather than reacting out of anger or defense.

-You can't do everything; stop and make intentional choices to do what matters most to you.

-Rather than comparing ourselves to others, think: “Am I giving my best in what the Lord has put me in?”

-Our God is so great He can make plan B be even better than plan A. There’s no mistake He can’t course-correct and bless. 

-If God can feed the 5,000, He can take the little we have and abundantly provide.

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