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How to Be a Light in Your School

How to Be a Light in Your School

As Christians, we know God has called us to be a light to those around us. But as teachers, we’re not always sure what that looks like. Join us as we discuss how, as teachers, we are really called to be missionaries and how we can be a light in both public & private schools.

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Time STamps

Linda Kardamis and Sarah Humes discuss how to be a light at your school. If you’re short on time, jump to the topic that most interests you! Here’s what they discuss and when they bring it up:

(01:31) Why are teachers missionaries?

(03:47) Can only Christian school teachers be missionaries? Or can public school teachers as well?

(06:56) How living out our Christian faith sets us apart and opens doors

(10:43) Why is it important to think of ourselves as missionaries?

(15:37) The value of work

(19:25) Fun ways to connect with your students

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