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What to Do When You Feel Burnt Out


Are you feeling burnt out as a teacher? Join us to discover why you're feeling burnt out and how to know what to do next.

listen here:

Here are some of the key points discussed in this episode; listen above for more details:

Different types of burnout 

  • It's important to identify what kind of burnout you're experiencing. (2:53)
  • Burnout actually gives us an opportunity to make the changes we need to in our lives. (3:50)
  • There are 3 types of burnout: (4:04)
    • Burned and "Over It"- You are surrounded by negativity, apathy, and frustration.
    • Burned and Unbalanced- You have become extremely overwhelmed with too much to do and not enough time to do it.
    • Burned and Bored- You look like you have it all together on the outside, but you’re actually seeking a challenge and a change.
  • Find out your burnout type at the Teacher Burnout Quiz

Personal story of burnout 

  • To hear Linda's story of burnout, go to the Burned In Teacher podcast episode Classroom Management Solutions with Linda Kardamis
  • Amber's personal story of burnout. (8:32)
  • “Rather than looking at burnout as a sentence, I really needed to pay closer attention to it and to look at it as an opportunity.” (14:23)

combatting burnout

  • There are two places that changes need to be made when you experience burnout. (16:00)
    • Yourself- People who are going through burnout often jump to change the environment. But if you haven’t worked on yourself first, you’re going to carry those beliefs and habits into your next school or job.
    • Your Environment
  • Burnout can manifest differently according to personality type. (17:40)
  • There are different stages of burnout. (21:07)
  • "We have to stop the teacher narrative of 'Well, good teachers exhaust themselves. Good teachers are always overwhelmed. This is just the way it is.' We have to say, 'Enough' and give ourselves permission to say 'No, I refuse to live this one life that I have settling for overwhelm and frustration and anxiety and sadness as my reality every day.'” (27:32)
  • Teachers should take action when they feel burnout. (28:30)
    • Check out the Burned In Teacher’s resources.
    • Figure out what you need and work on it.
  • “I believe that you are capable and you are worthy of a happy and fulfilled life. The challenge is that if you don't believe that yourself, that’s not what you’re going to get.” (35:30)

resources mentioned:

Teach uplifted

If you're experiencing burnout and need to learn to trust God in your challenges and experience His joy, peace, and rest despite them, please check out Teach Uplifted

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Are you feeling burnt out as a teacher? Burn out can actually prompt you to make some needed changes in your life. Find out about the different types of burnout and get tips to combat them at https://teach4theheart.com/burnt-out-teacher/

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  • This is eye opening. I’m usually the “Burned and Unbalanced” type of guy. Sometime you just can’t catch up with life and I realize now that I just need time to refocus and realign. I find that it’s best to take delta 8 vitamins to make sure that you’re healthy throughout the entire “being burnt out” experience.

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