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My 5 Favorite Education Blogs

Today I want to share with you my 5 favorite education blogs. Now, I’m not claiming that these are the best education blogs out there, but they ARE my favorites – the ones that I actually subscribe to or follow and enjoying reading and sharing.

Of course you know this doesn’t mean I agree with 100% of what these other bloggers say or endorse 100% of what they do or blah-blah-blah. You get the idea 🙂 But I DO think these are 5 great blogs that are worth checking out!

Check out these 5 great blogs for teachers

My 5 Favorite Education Blogs

  1. The Cornerstone for Teachers. This blog is my absolute favorite – the one I find myself agreeing with and sharing the most. It’s written by Angela Watson, who is also a Christian and a former teacher. Her articles are extremely practical, and she has a great heart to help and encourage teachers. You should definitely check out the blog & subscribe to her new newsletter.
  2. Corkboard Connections. Laura Candler has more than just great teaching resources – she has a great blog with lots of great information. My favorites are the ones that deal with classroom management, and I love the ones where she asks teachers for advice about a topic & then compiles it. She does share her resources a lot, which could be a pro or a con, depending on whether or not you’re interested in them. Either way, it’s an awesome blog.
  3. Cult of PedagogyI’ve been following Jennifer Gonzalez’s blog for maybe a month or two, and I have to say, I’m hooked. She has so much great information, especially about newer trends or current issues in education. Oh, and she’s got a podcast, too. I haven’t gotten around to listening to it yet, but it’s on my list to check out.
  4. Teaching Sam and Scout. I met Elizabeth (virtually) this past summer and immediately felt a connection. We are both Christians, teachers, and moms of toddler boys. Since then I’ve had a baby girl & she is currently expecting a baby girl – so, lots in common. The one big difference is that she is still teaching while I’m home with my kiddos. [We exchanged guest posts about the two different options. You can check them out here.] Anyhow, I really enjoy getting her posts in my inbox. Some of them are teaching-related. Others are more about being a mom or about what she’s wearing, or whatever else is happening in her life. So if you want a blog that is solely about teaching, this isn’t the one for you. But if you enjoy a bit of a mish-mash of fun, helpful posts, then you’ll want to check her out.
  5. Pursuit of a Joyful Life. Okay, so all of the other blogs, I know the author of. (Okay, know is maybe not quite the best word – I correspond with all of them online.) But I don’t know Lori, aside from reading her posts. But I have to say, she is an excellent writer. Like Teaching Sam and Scout, Pursuit of a Joyful Life is not solely about teaching. She also writes about being a mom or other issues she is facing in her life. The best word I can use to describe her writing is poetic. There’s just something about the way she says things….

Bonus Blog: Teach 4 the Heart (that’s me!!) If you ran across this post from Pinterest or Facebook or Google or something, don’t leave until you check out this blog – Teach 4 the Heart. I’m all about helping teachers learn & grow both professionally & personally so that they can accomplish their real goal – to make a difference in the lives of their students. Click here to sign up for updates& get notified every time I write a new post (twice a week). You’ll also get some pretty cool bonuses!

What’s your favorite education/teacher blog? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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  • Dude. You are awesome. Thanks for including me, Linda! I really enjoy your blog as well, because you really tell it like it is.

  • I am very touched that you would include me in this list. WOW! Thank you for reading my blog- I will be checking things out here in the near future.

  • I love Angela Watson’s site as well but now I have your additional blog suggestions to add to my list.
    I also love Vickie Davis- Cool Cat Teacher and Tony Vincent’s -Learning in Hand.
    Thank you for posting!

  • Thank you for sharing your favorite education blogs! It’s always valuable to discover new sources of inspiration and information. Personally, I constantly use https://studyhelper.com/argumentative-essay-samples, everything is done there quickly and qualitatively. I appreciate the diverse range of perspectives and insights you’ve highlighted. Angela Watson’s Cornerstone for Teachers seems like a fantastic resource for practical advice and encouragement, especially given her background as a former teacher and Christian.

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