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Thanksgiving Traditions: Helping Us Remember

Traditions are a great part of any holiday. I remember one of my favorite Thanksgiving traditions as a kid was flipping through magazines and newspapers looking for pictures of things we were thankful for (a house, a family, a church, toys, etc.) We’d then cut out the pictures and glue them onto leaves made out of construction paper. As the month of November passed, we’d add a leaf or two each day to our Thanksgiving tree (a trunk and branches Mom drew on a poster board.)

A simple tradition but a fun one. And more importantly, one with a purpose.

We need holiday traditions that help us remember the true purpose behind the holiday.

Thanksgiving Traditions: Helping Us Remember. View post on Teach 4 the Heart

A New Thanksgiving Tradition

Maybe it’s time to start a Thanksgiving tradition of remembering the first Thanksgiving. Yes, we all know that the Pilgrims celebrated the first Thanksgiving in America, but there’s so much more to the story. Have your kids given it much thought yet this November?

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, now is a great time to stop and remember the Pilgrim’s sacrifice. And to teach our kids about this important part of our nation’s history. Plus, it’s a great way to get in the mood for our own feast.

The following videos give a brief recap of the story behind why the Pilgrims headed to America and then continues to the celebration of the First Thanksgiving.

The First Thanksgiving

By the way, the entire Drive Thru History presentation is fantastic, and I would recommend it for school or home viewing. You can order a single DVD or the entire American history series.

Remember the Pilgrims is a great Thanksgiving tradition. What other traditions do you use to create an atmosphere of gratitude and remembrance? Share your memories and traditions with a comment below.

Photo by Lawrence OP

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