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The Story Behind the First Thanksgiving

Holidays are wonderful – family, food, time off work, and relaxation (or maybe just more craziness). But holidays have a bigger purpose than just celebration.

Holidays should help us remember something. They provide an opportunity for reflection and for instructing the next generation about something important.

For Thanksgiving, it’s a time to be grateful for God’s goodness and provision. To recognize how blessed we truly. To feast in celebration of His blessing and provision.

It’s also a time to look back and remember the first Thanksgiving. And there’s so much more to the story than just the Mayflower, the Indians, and the feast.

 The Story Behind the First ThanksgivingThe First Thanksgiving at Plymouth By Jennie A. Brownscombe

Do your kids or students know the whole story?

A few years ago I was deeply moved by Drive Thru History’s presentation of the Pilgrim’s story – the events that led up to the First Thanksgiving.

By the way, the entire Drive Thru History presentation is really fantastic, and I would recommend it for school or home viewing. You can order a single DVD or the entire American history series.

Anyhow, the Thanksgiving story is incredible, a story of faith, bravery, struggle, triumph and, of course, giving thanks. I can’t tell it any better than they did, so here are a few clips to watch yourself and to share with the kiddos:

The Story Behind the First Thanksgiving

YouTube video

I’m so thankful for the faith of the Pilgrims, for their sacrifice and vision of a land where they could freely worship God.

Check back next week as we continue our journey back in history and examine the celebration of the First Thanksgiving. To make sure you don’t miss it, sign up for email updates by clicking here.

What part of the Pilgrim’s story moves you the most? Share your thoughts with a comment below.

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