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Should Christians Care About Politics?

What do you think? Should Christians worry about politics? Should they vote? Should they call their elected officials over key issues? What about helping candidates campaign? Or even running themselves?

I’ve heard the argument that Christians need to focus on evangelizing the lost instead of politics, but I have to say, I’m not buying that.

Should Christians care about politics?

Why not? I’m glad you asked….

God Cares About Politics

First of all, God cares about politics. You don’t believe me? Well, just think about how much of the Bible deals with laws, kings, or rulers. Think Moses before Pharaoh, David and his mighty men, and Daniel standing before the Babylonian rulers.

To whom did God send His mighty prophets? Not just to the common people but more often than not to the kings and to the rulers.

And it wasn’t just the nation of Israel that God was concerned with. He sent dreams and visions to the Babylonian kings and sent Paul to testify before King Agrippa, Felix, and even Caesar.

If God doesn’t ignore the realm of politics, why should we?

God Gives Each of Us Different Gifts and Passions

God has a plan for each of us, and each plan is different. Yes, every Christian should be working to evangelize the lost. But that doesn’t mean that God doesn’t want us to have significant influence in other areas as well.

Should a doctor not try to influence medical ethics because he should be out soul winning instead?

Should a non-profit director stop building wells in Africa because he should be witnessing to his friends instead?

This argument makes no sense. It is not an either-or. God uses us in a variety of ways to be salt and light – to have an influence for good on those around us and in our culture at large.

So why shouldn’t we make a difference in an area that has significant impact on all of our lives – and that even determines our freedom to evangelize?

WE are the Government

So maybe it’s okay for Christians to be involved in government, but does that mean that we SHOULD be?

Absolutely yes.

And here’s why – Our nation is different than others because the highest authority in the land is not the Senate, the Supreme Court, or even the President. The highest authority is we the people.

And we the people have desperately failed our nation.

Yes, we like to blame the politicians, but who put them in office?

Or, more convictingly, who didn’t do anything to help the right people get elected? Who didn’t do anything when an important law was up for vote? Who is more interested in entertainment than in discussing key social issues?

This is our government, and we need to remember that the only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

So What Should We Do?

There is a lot that we can and should do, but we can all start with three simple things

  1. Pray. We desperately need to pray for our nation and for our elected officials. And we need to pray that God would send a true revival. He’s done it before; there’s no reason He can’t do it again.
  2. Vote your beliefs. So many people don’t vote because they don’t think their vote matters, but those people absolutely add up. It’s important to vote because we the people are responsible for electing the right leaders. And it’s not enough just to vote. We absolutely have to vote our beliefs. It doesn’t really matter whether your family is Republican or Democrat; you need to vote according to your beliefs. Do you believe it’s wrong to murder a baby? Then vote pro-life. That’s way more important than a candidate’s party affiliation, their economic plans, or their views on entitlements. (Although I will say, the Bible actually has a lot to say about those issues than we might think – but that’s a topic for another day.)
  3. Learn & teach America’s true history. Think of the thousands of teachers who read this blog and multiply that by the number of students we have in our classes. What you get is a huge amount of influence. We need to use this influence to teach the truth. And for those of you in public schools, I’m not saying to preach – I’m saying that you can and should do everything you can to accurately teach America’s history. I always thought I had a pretty good grip on the history of America and the God-fearing faith of our Founding Fathers. But I didn’t know the half. Check out some of the resources below to start learning more – it’s absolutely fascinating! But beware – you may never think of politics the same way again.


Do you agree that Christians should care about and be involved in politics? Why or why not?

Photo by Free HDR & Photomanipulations – www.freestock.ca

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