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This Little Light of Mine: Shining for Christ in the Classroom

I don't have to tell you that our world is getting darker. Truth is neglected, confusion abounds, and the future feels uncertain. But rather than shrinking back in fear, this is the time to stand and SHINE!

Whether you're in a public school or Christian school, you have the incredible opportunity to shine for Christ & impact students with the light of His love.
Join us in this series as we explore what it looks like to let our little light shine in the classroom - and what we need to make that happen.

This Little Light of Mine: Shining for Christ in the Classroom

#1: Fueling Your Mission as a Teacher

Most teachers feel discouraged at some point in their careers. Some teachers maybe even feel discouraged daily. Truth: our jobs are difficult and overwhelming. So, even though the idea of shining for Christ sounds good in theory, executing it in real life may feel impossible.

In the latest podcast episode, Linda invites us to make some mindset shifts concerning work, where our focus lies, and how we view discouragement. Plus, you'll learn how focusing on the reason we are here (and why we teach) can change EVERYTHING.

If you want to feel seen in your struggles, shine consistently for Christ, and make a difference in your school, then this podcast has the strategies you need. Listen in today!


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This Little Light of Mine: Shining for Christ in the Classroom

#2: The Foundation You Need to Shine

Do you have a passion to reach others for Christ? Developing your credibility where He's placed you can have an immensely powerful eternal impact! When you're good at your job, you increase your credibility... which God can and will use for eternal benefits!

Listen to this week's podcast for ideas on how to improve your foundational teaching skills for His benefit, and at the same time avoid some common traps.

If you find it hard to strike a balance between being complacent with your level of teaching expertise and striving toward unattainable perfection, this episode's for you. Listen now to hear Linda's perspective on seeking and finding that balance while increasing your workplace credibility! 

This Little Light of Mine: Shining for Christ in the Classroom

#3: Tackling the Distractors that Keep Us from Shining

What keeps us from shining God's light in our classroom? For teachers, some common reasons are stress, overwhelm, and discouragement. In this podcast episode, we will look at how to combat these obstacles with both spiritual and practical tools.

Be inspired and equipped as we explore four essential questions to strengthen our spiritual foundation, hear practical tips to reduce our stress and overwhelm, and gain a renewed perspective that God is on this mission with us. Listen now!


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This Little Light of Mine: Shining for Christ in the Classroom

#4: Fostering Healthy Relationships in Your Classroom

Even though God created us for relationships, that does not mean having relationships is easy. In fact, building connections with our students is some of the hardest work we ever do.

This podcast episode is a great chance to look at the way the gospel not only reconciles us to God, but also allows us to be reconciled to one another. Using the framework of the gospel, the fruits of the spirit, and practical teaching techniques, Linda will walk you through how to build deeper relationships with your students.

Want to live out your mission to shine the light of Christ in your school? Listen in for practical ideas and the encouragement you need to keep going!

This Little Light of Mine: Shining for Christ in the Classroom

#5: How to Reach Students' Hearts

Discouragement can be hard to overcome if you feel like the eternal impact you're having on your students is minimal. This can be particularly true for teachers in public schools, but can be a struggle for those in private schools as well.

Whether you're in a private school and are able to openly help students seek, find, and grow in Christ or in a public school where you need to represent Christ to your students without speaking His name, this is your highest calling as a Christian teacher.

If you're like many Christians, you might tend to think you've only made an eternal impact if you've helped someone move from unsaved to saved. Listen to this week's podcast episode to hear Linda explain why this is a limited understanding of the impact you have on your students' spiritual lives.

Be encouraged as you listen to this episode and start to gain a more complete picture of the fruit you're producing as a Christian & how God's using you daily in your students lives for their spiritual benefit...even in a public school. Listen now.

This diagram is explained in the episode.                                                                                                                                              Image credit: https://pjtibayan.wordpress.com/2011/12/06/trellis-and-the-vine-application-move-every-member-to-maturity/ 

This Little Light of Mine: Shining for Christ in the Classroom

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