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How to Motivate Students to Care about Learning

motivate students

It's difficult to help students learn when they simply don't want to. But how do we motivate them to want to learn? In this special podcast episode, taken from the 2021 Rise Up Summit, Dave Stuart Jr. shares valuable insights on how we can motivate our students to care about learning.

Dave Stuart Jr. will be back again at the Rise Up Summit in 2022 with a follow-up to this session, focusing on the beliefs of Effort & Efficacy. Learn more about how you can access this video at www.riseupchristianeducators.com.

listen here:

the highlights:

We encourage you to listen to the whole episode above. Here's how the episode breaks down:

  • Our students are more than their bodies; they have souls. (3:35)
  • We are teaching our students about the world and can teach them social-emotional learning along the way. (8:00)
  • The path to growing the mind is the heart. True change happens on a heart level. (8:26)
  • Credibility is very powerful in a classroom. Credibility is when a student thinks, “She is a really good teacher, she knows what she's talking about.” A teacher needs to be consistent to gain students’ trust. (14:47)
  • The three parts to credibility are care, competence, and passion. (18:15)
  • The base layer of getting students to care is being credible yourself. (21:00)
  • Value means “This work matters.” There are a lot of different motivations for students to value the material and we can approach it from all angles, not just one. (28:30)
  • We tend to overuse utility and relevance when we try to motivate students to learn material. (31:55)
  • Sermonizing is sharing how today’s lesson helps you make the world a better place. Students are motivated by making a difference. (39:05)
  • Authentically celebrate the work of your students. Make the content of your classroom, not the teacher, the center of your room. (41:21)
  • Growth mindset reminds your students they can grow, whether they're struggling in an area or already excelling in it. (45:14)
  • What are those things you wish your students did really well? What are a few key things that would help them be successful? Maybe it's taking notes or knowing how to study. Whatever your answer, you need to teach how to do that in a detailed manner. (47:55)
  • Sometimes students need the opportunity to excel at something that is a challenge and teachers can create that chance. (54:22) 

more help motivating students!

Dave Stuart Jr. was back at the 2022 Rise Up Summit with a follow-up to this session, focusing on the beliefs of Effort & Efficacy. Access this recording when you buy a 2022 All-Access Pass.

In addition to Dave Stuart Jr., this year's speakers include David Platt, Sean McDowell, Ellie Holcomb, Jasmine Holmes, Linda Kardamis and over 20 more! Order your All-Access Pass with 25+ sessions today!

motivate students

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Not sure how to make your students actually WANT to learn? This post outlines a conversation with Dave Stuart Jr. on how to motivate your students to work hard and grow. Whether you teach elementary, middle, or high school, listen to find out how you can implement these ideas into your own classroom. Find the podcast episode at https://teach4theheart.com/motivate-students/

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