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Introducing Christian Teachers’ Lounge: Our New Facebook Discussion Group

There were so many days as a teacher when I was exhausted – either physically, mentally, emotionally, or all three. But when I would step into the teachers’ lounge and talk with my fellow teachers, I would leave feeling a little more encouraged and a little less drained.

Christian Teachers' Lounge
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I’ve written before about the importance of seeking advice from great, godly teachers, and I firmly believe in this concept. The more you are around other great teachers, the better teacher you will become. I was privileged as a rookie teacher to be part of an incredible faculty that mentored and encouraged me. They helped me grow, and I wouldn’t be the teacher I am without them.

But good fellowship is not just for newbies. All teachers need encouragement and fresh ideas. And there is powerful synergy in great discussions with like-minded Christians.

Some teachers are part of a school where this type of synergy and encouragement abounds, but others are not so fortunate. From those whose colleagues are incredible teachers who walk with God to those who are the only Christians at their schools, we can all use more encouragement, advice, and fellowship.

To help meet this need, we’re starting a Facebook discussion group for Christian teachers. My prayer is that this group will be a place for teachers to….

1. Ask questions. Whether you’re just starting out or have taught for years, questions always arise for which you’d like some advice. The collective wisdom and experience of a variety of Christian teachers provides great thoughts and ideas.

2. Receive encouragement. We all face days when everything seems to be going wrong and we wonder how much longer we can do this. Fellow teachers who know exactly how you feel can provide the encouragement you need to keep going.

3. Mentor other teachers (or just share advice). If you’ve taught for more than a year or two, you are a treasure trove of advice and ideas, whether you realize it or not. Share your thoughts and advice, or be more intentional and find a new teacher to mentor.

4. Share prayer requests. One of the best aspects of a Christian community is the power of prayer. Share your requests and pray for others. And don’t forget to let us know when God answers!

5. Exchange resources. Know of a great website for geometry worksheets? Need a poster of the Bill of Rights? No need to reinvent the wheel if you have a place to share resources.

6. Share stories. We all love stories, and as teachers we sure end up with some good ones. You can share your encouraging stories, frustrating stories, or hilarious stories…..and know that others can most certainly relate.

Just like a true teachers’ lounge, the group is private, meaning that only group members can view comments made in the group. This provides a forum where you can be honest and open without fear of others “overhearing.”

The group is open to Christians who are….

  1. Teachers
  2. Administrators
  3. Former teachers or administrators (we know you have great advice to share!)
  4. Education students in their senior year

To join the group, go to the Christian Teachers’ Lounge on Facebook and click “Join Group.” If you run into any trouble, send me an email at linda@teach4theheart.com. We can’t wait to meet you there


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  • Thank you! I have been teaching for over 25 years. I teach in a small Christian school. Just wanted another avenue for encouragement, ideas, etc…????

  • I teach in a title 1 public school. It is the largest untapped mission field in America, where we can have lasting positive effects.

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