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For Christian Parents Considering “Homeschooling” with K12

As a Christian, I believe strongly in the importance of Christian education. But with the downturn in the economy and the emergency of internet learning, I’ve noticed a growing trend. More and more Christian parents seem to be turning to K12 as a way to homeschool their children.

Homeschool with K12
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(The K12 program is offered in various states as a tuition-free online public school.)

While K12 is a great alternative to a public school, I am concerned that many Christian parents don’t realize it’s just that – a public school. Choosing K12 is not choosing to homeschool. It’s choosing to bring the public school into your home.

Many Christians don’t really understand the purpose of Christian education. I’ve written about that more extensively in a previous post, but there’s way more to Christian education than simply sheltering our kids from unsaved friends and making sure they don’t start believing evolution.

The public school system is trying to train our children to accept humanism, socialism, the progressive agenda, homosexuality, and much more. And while having your kids attend a public school online may shelter them from negative peer pressure, it will certainly not protect them from the public system’s progressive agenda.

Now I know finances may be tight and there are no easy answers. But if you’re considering “homeschooling” your kids with K12, please take the time to do the following:

  1. Find out all about it. Do your research and find out everything you possibly can about the program. Ask for sample lessons and read each word. Analyze it carefully and be diligent in searching out the philosophy behind the academics. 

  2. Be honest with yourself. It’s really easy to just look at the benefits (it’s free, it’s easy, the kids are home, etc.) and turn a blind eye to the negative aspects. But your children need you to take a honest look. It’s so easy to just think K12 is a neutral option – that while it’s not going to help your children be closer to God it’s not going to pull them away either. But it’s not neutral. So be honest about the facts and weigh them carefully.

  3. Consider all the options. Don’t be fooled into thinking that you don’t have another choice.  Talk to other Christians who have homeschooled their children. Meet with the principal at the Christian school and explain your situation.  Consider ways to earn extra money or determine what you can sacrifice to free up funds in your budget.

  4. Pray. Prayer will absolutely be the key to this process and must be a part of each step. Pray honestly about your concerns and listen for God’s answers. He can and will provide clarity if you are honestly open to His answer.

  5. Be involved. Parents should always be involved in their children’s education no matter where they attend. But if you do choose to use K12, you need to be extra vigilant. Your kids are probably sharp enough to refute evolution, but there will be many more unbiblical philosophies assaulting them. Read their lessons, analyze their assignments, and show your children how to discern error and refute it with truth.

Have you or someone you know been considering K12? What factors played a part in your decision? You can leave a comment here.

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  • I am glad that you are following the path that God has called you to. I posted some thoughts from my reading this morning that addresses this topic so that others may be encouraged to continue to pursue the path that God has called them too, even if it means ministering in a public or homeschool setting. The post is locate at http://www.asoldiersprogress.com/2013/08/should-christians-attend-public-schools.html
    Wish you and your family the best as you continue to seek His will.

    Andy (aoc)
    II TIM 2:3

    • Thanks for sharing some great thoughts for those students who find themselves in a public school. I agree that God uses us wherever we are. My caution, however, is for parents who are making these key decisions that will greatly impact their children.

      • Thanks! I appreciate your stand against Satan’s devices which have infiltrated our entire education system- Christian, public, and homeschool. We must truly stay alert at all times. Just wanted to emphasize that God deploys each of us to various environments for the purpose of the Great Commission.

  • We are a homeschooling Christian family and we use K12. My curriculum may be provided by state funded money but I am the teacher and we ARE homeschooling. I have ultimate control over the content of my children’s lessons- just because something is printed in a book or presented as fact does not mean that we have to teach it or present it as fact. For example, when we study ancient history we often have the Bible open next to the computer so we can compare the Truth to the material presented. I find this to be rather fulfilling because we are not only teaching the Word of God but also refuting common myths or lies at the same time, I see this as giving my children a very rounded education- In our culture, my children are going to hear and see things I don’t agree with- my job is to teach them the difference between right and wrong, Truth and darkness, and how to defend their faith. Another example, I don’t hide the theory of evolution from them- instead we read the creation account, we go outside and study creation with our own eyes, and we read other creation articles along side it. K12 is a good curriculum as long as the parent is vigilant and maintains teaching control- and is willing to extend lessons with Bible studies where needed. It has been very rewarding for us.

    • It sounds like you are doing a fantastic job, and your kids are blessed to have such a diligent mom/teacher work through the program with them. This is exactly what I’m saying about K12 – that you need to work through it with your kids so that you can teach them to discern truth from error. Unfortunately, I know of too many families that just think “This is awesome! free, easy homeschool!”, and they stick their kid in front of the computer and think that they are good to go.

      Thanks for giving an example of how to make this program work in a way that is biblical and affordable. But it definitely takes a large investment of time (which will be well worth it I am sure.)

  • My child has a k12 teacher (7th grade) that will not stop talking about her homosexuality, and “marriage” to a homosexual and “their” children. This teacher is obsessed with teaching her sexuality to children. Honestly, it seams that she is doing this just to get a reaction from parents. This teacher call her class “my Starbucks” I also think that this is being orcastrated simply to be provocitive to Christian parents and students. So as to not fall into this trap, I’m requesting to change teachers. I am however, very disappointed that this teacher is trying to use progressive propoganda to indoctrinate my child. – my thoughts

  • I am using k12 this year for all of the reasons you described above and I am sorry I did. Today’s 5th grade “History lesson” was about how “Christians are arrogant bigots and racists who are trouble makers” and “lowest of their race”. I am beside myself. I have seen other overt things but nothing this “in your face” blatant. Oh and by the way it was the “christians” that killed all the native Americans.

    • Oh my goodness! I wouldn’t have even imagined it was that bad. Wow!
      (p.s. Do you happen to have a picture of that or was it orally in a lecture?)

  • This is really cultish. I came here looking for helpful information. All I see is “us” vs “them.” So unchristianlike. I don’t think Jesus would have taught his children these things. It seems as though you feel that you are better than nonchristians. I notice that “Christians” like you all hate more than anyone. Now I don’t wonder why the KKK used to meet in the safety of your “churches.”

    • I’m sorry that you feel there is an “us” versus “them” mentality or that we think we are better. We certainly don’t believe that and if you’ve inferred it here you’re reading into something that’s not there. If you’re wondering what we DO believe, you can check out this article here: https://teach4theheart.com/relationship-god-can-one/

      We are not against K12 or public schools. In fact, the majority of teachers here at Teach 4 the Heart teach in public schools. But we do want to be careful and knowledgeable about the influences we choose in our childrens’ lives.

      As for your KKK statement, it’s honestly so outlandish & offensive that I don’t think it even deserves a response.

  • We have just started homeschool. I’m honestly looking at k12 because while I know I can provide a homeschool curriculum for my child I do worry about being able to do transcripts for college. She’s in 7th grade now and we live in Texas,but I know how fast years go by. I just looked into how to create transcripts and it’s a little overwhelming.

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