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How to Memorize Anything Without Even Trying

Did you know that any passage, no matter the length, can be memorized fairly easily without having to stress and slave over it?

No joke.

If you or your students have trouble memorizing, I’d be willing to guess you haven’t tried the best and easiest way to memorize anything – the whole method.

How to memorize anything without even trying

The whole method is this: Instead of slaving over each phrase of a passage, trying desperately to remember it, you simply read the entire selection over and over.

You don’t stress about whether or not it’s getting in your head. You just read it. And read it again. And again.

At first it will seem as if you are not making any progress at all. You may read the passage twenty times and still feel as if you haven’t learned any of it. But that’s not true. If you keep reading the selection, one day you’ll realize that you know some of it. Just keep at it. A few more times through and you’ll have most of it down. Keep at it and you’ll have memorized the entire passage.

Why I Love to Memorize with the Whole Method

  1. It’s so easy. Reading the passage doesn’t take a lot of mental concentration and doesn’t feel like a lot of work. All you have to do is read it.
  2. You remember it better. If you try to learn a selection piece by piece, then you often have trouble remembering which piece comes next. The whole method vastly eliminates this problem because you learned the entire passage as one piece. In addition, the whole method helps you remember the entire selection for longer.

So if your student has been struggling to memorize a selection for school – or if you want to memorize on a passage of Scripture, try the whole method, and you’ll be thrilled with the results.

Memorization Tips:

  1. Find a good time to memorize. I said this method was easy, but I never said it was fast. Reading the passage over and over definitely takes time. The key is to find a time each day when you can work on this. For me, it’s while I blow dry my hair. This takes a little less than ten minutes each day, and if I’m not memorizing I’m just sitting there daydreaming, so it’s a great use of my time. I’ve been able to memorize an incredible amount of Scripture just in those ten minutes a day. Find a time like this for you or your student and start using it to memorize. (Car rides are great for non-drivers.)
  2. Be consistent. Once you find a time to memorize, you have to be consistent. Reading the passage a few times won’t do you any good. You’ve got to read it over and over and over. Don’t give up if it feels like you’re not making progress. You are. If you’re running into a deadline, just increase your frequency.
  3. Read out loud if possible.When you read silently, your brain is engaged. When you read out loud your brain, lips, and ears are all involved. This increased involvement helps you learn more quickly.
  4. Review. Once you have a passages memorized, review it. Otherwise, you will eventually forget it. Maybe set aside one day a week of your memorization time to review.

Have you tried memorizing with the whole method? What other memorization tips do you have? Share your advice & experience with a comment below.

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  • I believe that we are here for a purpose. To help, teach,listen, share etc. We all have a job to do and in helping others, we better our selves.

  • I am teaching financial accounting for student seating for ACCA exams, i am going to use this technique to remember my lessons. Thanks for this great post God bless you.

  • I am a Muslim. I think religion dose not matter to observe God’s connection. I’m so impressed on your presentation. Thank you so much.

  • I am javad zareh a muslim teacher at primary school.
    thank god for getting to know you who remind me very important tips aboat theaching and learning

  • I believe that we have a great opportunity to motivate our students for their work and experience in studying and we have to learn how to motivate them


    • A great musician once taught me to memorize difficult passages in 15 minutes chunks, which is similar to your comma approach. It helped. Learning takes courage. Dense subjects often look scary. That’s when “total reading” is useful especially if you relax and don’t worry about understanding every word or every paragraph at first reading. For me, using both methods works best.

  • The rewind method truly works. For example when learning a new language. We need to frequently use the words or else we wont be comfortable to speak it. Same applies to the conversation. At least we watch movies, listening to audios. Hey, its youtube days. So keep listening to the free class too. You know its simply “practice makes perfect.” ?

  • I believe God calls me to teach so that I can Inspire the young ones to start and work on their dreams. Teach them in everything they do put God first and make Him the center of their lives. Nothing is impossible with God. He can give the desire of our heart.

  • Good grief, that’s too time consuming. Here’s the real quick trick: write it on a whiteboard. Read it , then erase the last word or tow. Read it again, filling in the missing words. Erase one or two more, read, and fill in the missing words. Repeat until the whole piece is memorized. Science tells us we remember the end more than the beginning. This works, and it’s quick. children really enjoy it.

  • In my first year of community college we had sq3r. Study, question, read , write and review. But my best was pneumonic. Associate something outrageous with whatever you want to remember.ie,, “ She arrived early and I wasn’t dressed yet”. I imagine she road up on a horse and I answered the door in the nude”. The wackier the better to remember.

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