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How to Know God’s Plan in Making Decisions

How to Know God’s Plan in Making Decisions

Listen as we discuss how to discover God's plan & know what He wants you to do when making decisions - whether they be big or small.

Key takeaways about knowing God's plan in decision-making

  • We must first surrender our will to God, choosing to genuinely seek what He wants, not what we want.
  • If something is part of God's plan, it will pass all four of these tests (listen to hear us explain each in more detail):
  1. Scripture
    “no special guidance will ever be given about a point on which the Scriptures are clear, nor could any guidance ever contradict the Scriptures”
  2. Providential circumstances
    “It is never a sign of divine leading when the Christian insists on opening his own way, riding roughly over all opposing things. If the Lord “goes before” us, He will open the door for us. We will not need to batter down doors for ourselves.”
  3. Our convictions / higher judgment
    “When we study and meditate on God’s Word, His laws are written on our hearts. Thus our judgment and common sense will be based on Biblical concepts.”  
  4. Inner impressions of the Holy Spirit
    “We must never forget that ‘Impressions’ can come from other sources as well as from the Holy Spirit.”
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  • It's essential that we first obey in other areas He's revealed His will or convicted us.
  • God's plan isn't always revealed in an "ah-ha" moment. Sometimes we gradually become more and more sure as we pray, surrender and trust, and as He continues to teach us and all four tests fall into place. (I explain this more & share an example in the episode.)
  • Personally, I've seen God reveal His plan by bringing multiple Scriptures to my mind. (I explain how this works in the podcast.)
  • As a wife, there have been times where God showed me I was to defer to my husband's leading,  especially in big decisions that affected our whole family. 

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