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Teach Uplifted

​(even when things are going wrong)

​Has teaching left you stressed,
frustrated, or even discouraged?

Teach Uplifted Devotional Book

​In Teach Uplifted Devotions for Teachers you'll discover how to...

  • >​Renew your passion for teaching by finding joy & peace in Christ
  • >​Teach with joy - even in difficult circumstances
  • >​Banish anxiety & learn to trust God instead

But be warned: This is not a collection of light, fluffy feel-good stories. These powerful devotions will completely transform the way you view your life, your classroom, and your relationship with God.

"I am LOVING the Teach Uplifted devotions. Each day I glean insight & comfort. I feel like I'll be re-reading this over and over." - Erin P.

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​This book is for you IF...

  • > You want to love teaching but find it stressful or frustrating
  • > Your relationship with God is important to you, but you aren't as close to Him as you'd like to be
  • > You're ready to finally teach with joy and peace, even when things seem to be going wrong

with an Interactive Experience

The Teach Uplifted Devotions for Teachers isn't just a collection of daily readings. It's a life-changing experience - and you'll want to grab a highlighter & pen and dive in.

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Life-Changing Insights

Teach Uplifted Devotions for Teachers are based on the classic work A Christian's Secret of a Happy Life, which has been transforming lives for over a century.

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Space to Journal

​No need to lug around a separate notebook. We've provided space to journal after each day's reading.

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Classroom Applications

​Through the introductory thoughts & journal prompts, you'll explore how each truth should change how you teach & respond in your classroom.

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Pray & Praise

​Record what you're thankful for & what you're praying for each day in the space provided. 

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Thought-Provoking Journal Prompts

​​The rubber meets the road in each journal prompt, which will encourage you to apply what you've learned to your own life & classroom.

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A Highlighter's Heaven

​You simply cannot read this book without a highlighter handy. You'll find truth after truth that you won't want to forget.

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Devotions for Teachers Now

Stop stressing and learn how to teach uplifted - full of God's peace and joy even in the most challenging of circumstances.

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​What People are Saying...

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Want to take it to the next level?

Join the Full 

Teach Uplifted


​The Teach Uplifted Devotions are just one part of the full Teach Uplifted program.

In the complete 6-week program,  we dive deeper into common challenges you face every day in the classroom.

Through the weekly audio lessons, you'll learn not only how to overcome these challenges but to thrive despite them.

And the best part? We learn together in a supportive community of Christian teachers. We support & encourage each other throughout the program, and small discussion groups are also available.

#1: Abide in Christ

Learn the secrets to a deeper relationship with Christ. (Spoiler: It's not about YOU doing more. It's about letting HIM work in you.)

#2: Re-Energize

Make intentional choices to guard your energy, focus on the positives, and choose uplifting company.

#3: Renew Your Mind

Choose to banish wrong thinking & renew your mind with God's transforming truths.

First Catch Up Week

We know how busy things can be, so we'll take a week off in the middle of the program so that you can catch up - or get ahead.

#4: Trust God for It All

Find impenetrable peace by choosing to trust God for situations that are both in and out of your control.

#5: Choose to Give Grace

Discover the joy of giving grace to those who used to discourage us the most.

#6: Guard What Matters Most

Get clear on what matters most to you and set up boundaries to protect your time & energy.

Second Catch Up Week

​We'll designate one last week to give everyone a chance to finish up.

Of course, you keep access to all the content & the community, even after the program has officially ended.

​What People are Saying...

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​Get the Leader's Guide

Teach Uplifted is designed to be most transformative within community - and we've done our best to create an online community both inside Teach Uplifted and also in our Facebook group.

​But, truly, nothing can take the place of meeting in person with people you know in real life.

​That's why we've assembled a leader's guide - so that you can bring your friends & colleagues with you on this journey, discuss what you're learning together, and deepen your relationships in the process.

​*Please note that the leader's guide includes questions both from the devotions and the full Teach Uplifted program, but if you're using only the devotions, you can simply skip the extra questions.

Teach Uplifted Leader's Guide


​Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

​What's the difference between the devotions book & the full program?

​How many devotions are included?

​Do you offer group discounts?

​I have more questions about the full Teach Uplifted program.

Can I lead my own discussion group?

Are there any other formats?

Any other questions?


Devotions Book Only
Teach Uplifted Devotional Book
  • > Life-changing devotional study
  • > Hard-copy book to highlight, journal, & more
​Full Teach Uplifted Program
Teach Uplifted + Devotional Book
  • > Life-changing devotional study
  • > ​Audio lessons to renew your passion for teaching
  • > ​​Full support from a community of Christian teachers

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Learn to teach with the joy of the Lord - even when things are crazy.

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