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50+ Clean Movie & Christian Movie Ideas for Your Classroom

Christian movies, clean movies

Sometimes, you just need a classroom movie day. Whether it's raining and you need to run indoor recess or your class has earned a movie party, it's good to have a number of clean movies (for a public school) and Christian movies (for a private school) available to throw on. 

This list comes from the awesome members of our Christian Teachers' Lounge by Teach 4 the Heart. If  you're not already in there, join us for more great advice and suggestions. 

Disclaimer: We have not vetted all of these movie choices. Please use your discretion and district guidelines when selecting movies.

awesome clean movies for kids

These movies and shows are non-religious, but clean and recommended by your fellow teachers! 

lower Elementary

Wild Kraats - A show from PBS about animals

Leapfrog: Letter Show - These animated characters turn letters into words

Berenstein Bears Show - Kids learn a lesson with every episode

Go Noodle - Short videos that focus on movement and mindfulness

Pink Panther and Pals - Silly antics from the Pink Panther set to music

Wishbone - A dog imagines himself in classic books

The Magic Schoolbus - Students go on crazy class field trips to learn about science

Tinga Tinga Tales - YouTube videos based on African animal creation stories

Umi Zoomies - An educational and animated show

Mr. Roger's Neighborhood - A calming show with a kind host

Reading Rainbow - Brings your favorite books to life 

Storyline Online - Celebrities read classic picture books aloud

Shaun the Sheep - The silly adventures of a barnyard leader

The Singing Walrus - Educational songs for kids

Little Bear - These animated episodes always have a lesson

Charlotte's Web (Animated 1973) and Charlotte's Web (2006) - Movie versions of the classic book (read the book with your class first for more impact!)

Numberblocks - Short math videos on YouTube

Operation Ouch - Short, educational, and fun science videos on YouTube

Science Max - More fun YouTube science videos

UJU Videos - Brain break, fitness, and mindfulness videos from YouTube

upper elementary and Secondary

Molly: An American Girl on the Home Front - A live-action film about a girl living during World War II

Kit Kittredge: An American Girl - A movie that takes place during the Great Depression

Felicity: An American Girl Adventure - A live-action movie that is set shortly before the Revolutionary War

Gortimer Gibbon's Life on Normal Street - Middle school kids navigate growing up

Dude Perfect - Humorous online videos often involving crazy stunts

Liberty's Kids- Animated series that teaches America's history

Kid Snippets -  Adults act out audio from kids (from Bored Shorts TV on YouTube)

The InBESTigators - Four kids run a detective agency together

Christian movies, clean movies

great Christian movies for kids

lower Elementary

Right Now Media - Christian streaming service that includes kids shows

Minno Kids - A streaming service full of Christian, animated content

Buck Denver Asks: What's in the Bible? - 13 volumes of Bible stories available

VeggieTales - The original classic now has lots of versions

Bibleman - The old show now has new animated episodes! (Also available on RightNow Media)

Greatest Adventures of the Bible - Animated versions of Bible stories

Owlegories - Owls use nature to learn more about God

3-2-1 Penguins - These wacky penguins learn about faith and have fun

Adventures from the Book of Virtues - Animated series based on the books by William Bennett

Jay Jay the Jet Plane - Jay Jay learns values and friendship

100 Bible Stories - Animated Bible stories

Patch the Pirate's Operation Arctic: Viking Invasion - An animated movie about pirates, vikings, a princess, and humility

The Beginning Bible - Animated stories from The Beginning Bible

The Amazing Bible Series - Animated characters explore God's Word

Boz the Bear - Boz is a green bear who loves exploring the Bible with friends

Theo Presents - An animated show that teaches kids theology 

Miss Patty Cake - Miss Patty Cake shares about God's love for kids

Douglas Talks - A green puppet shares Sunday School lessons

upper elementary and secondary

Adventures in Odyssey - Kids learn the importance of faith and friendship

Ryan Defrates Secret Agent - A fun animated series that teaches Biblical truths

Torchlighters - Animated stories of true-life Christian heroes from history

The Chosen Series - Watch a live action series on Jesus's life via the free app

McGee and Me - A boy and his imaginary friend use lessons from the Bible

The Buttercream Gang - A movie about kids who do good deeds for God

Superbook - Travel back in time to Bible stories

Yippee TV - This Christian streaming service includes animated programs, original programming, and content from hand-picked YouTubers

Christian movies, clean movies

We hope this list is helpful the next time you need to put on a clean movie or a Christian movie, whether it's a 5 minute YouTube video or a feature-length film.

What movies or shows do you like to show in your classroom? Let us know in the comments. And don't forget to join our Christian Teacher's Facebook Group for even more great advice and support from fellow educators. 

For another list of recommendations from the experienced teachers in our Facebook group, check out 75+ Best Websites for Teachers

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We've gathered a list of the best clean movies and Christian movies for you to use in your classroom! Not sure what movie to show for your rainy indoor recess day or class party? Check out this list for more than 50 great ideas.

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  • What about copyright infringement? Most of these sound great, but have you contacted all of the copyright owners of these show and movies to ask permission to show them in class? If not, every time a teacher shows one of them in class they would be stealing content and breaking the law. I would really like to know, because I’m a new teacher and so far have only gotten a couple of organizations to give me permission to show their media in my class. Also, I already know that Youtube has a specific policy that prohibits displaying their videos of any kind anywhere, except for the individual user and their household. So showing their videos in class would be against their policy.

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