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20 Articles to Help You Prepare for Back-to-School

Yes, it’s that time already – time to start thinking about going back to school.  I know your emotions are ranging all the way from “I’m so excited to start a new year” to “Are you kidding me summer’s almost over?” So while you should definitely enjoy the time you have before school starts, I also want to help you start getting your brain in gear to have the best start of school yet.

To that end, we are starting a Back-to-School Series at Teach 4 the Heart that will run throughout the month of August.

To start our series, here are some of our best posts to help you prepare to go back-to-school. Be sure to pin this page for future reference!

Advice for teachers for back-to-school

Classroom Management Advice:

Other Articles to Help You Prepare for the School Year:

Want more helpful advice? I wrote Create Your Dream Classroom specifically to help teachers revamp their classrooms and prepare to have the best start of school ever. And don’t worry about finishing an entire book before school starts. The Back-to-School Power Pack will guide you straight to information you need to start the school year right. Click here to read reviews or order it now.

Back to School Series

Don’t miss the rest of our back-to-school series. You can see all the posts in the series here.

Back to School Series for Teachers

What are you most nervous about as you think about the start of school? What are you most excited about?

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