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How to Trust God Through Trials (A Testimony to God’s Goodness)

How to Trust God Through Trials (A Testimony to God's Goodness)

This crisis is hitting all of us differently, but we are all feeling it. The anxiety, the uncertainty, the crazy swings of emotions.

One day we're up and thinking, "Hey, we've got this!" and the next we're dissolving into a puddle of tears and wishing we could just hide away in our beds until this is over.

We know God is there. We want to trust Him, but sometimes it's easier said than done.

That's why today I'm bringing you a special story from my dear friend and mentor Colleen Hoffman. Over the past few years her family went through a deep trial as their baby granddaughter Colette struggled through brain cancer and emerged victorious, not in the way they had hoped, but through passing from this life, into the arms of Jesus.

She shares the incredible lessons she learned through this fiery trial: lessons that will encourage your heart and equip you to walk in faith through this crisis.

I could not do her heartfelt story and insights justice through a blog post. You have to hear them for yourself. So, please enjoy the audio recording here. I promise it will be more than worth your time:

learning to trust:

A few years ago, God used the book A Christian's Secret of a Happy Life to totally transform the way I view challenges and trials. 

Wanting to share these life-changing truths with others, we took this classic book and incorporated into our Teach Uplifted program , as well as the Teach Uplifted Devotions

If you are struggling to trust God in these challenging times, we warmly invite you to grab a copy of the devotions book or to join us in the full Teach Uplifted program. ❤️​​

Teach Uplifted devotion for teachers book

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