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10 Reasons You Should Try Flipping Your Class

Flip Now

Subscribe to the Teach 4 the Heart Podcast. If you’ve never tried flipping your class before, you need to. It’s easier than you may think, and you and your students will be amazed at the benefits. In case you’re not familiar with flipping, here’s the basic idea: In a traditional classroom, you lecture during class and…

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Connecting School Curriculum with the Real World

Connecting School Curriculum to the real world

Teachers have long extolled the virtues of prepping students for the ‘real world.’ But what happens when that world is advancing at an unprecedented pace? As we moved away from a farming culture to a society of industrialized workers, our educational models naturally evolved, too. Now, with technological changes barreling forward at breakneck speeds, educators are…

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The Clarifying Power of Self-Assessment (and a tool to make it fun and easy)

The Power of Self-Assessment

Subscribe to the Teach 4 the Heart Podcast. As teachers, we have so much on our plates. And then we’re asked to somehow juggle all those plates – without letting anything fall off.With so many tasks and goals competing for our attention, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s actually important.That’s why, on occasion, you…

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How to Use Project Based Learning to Engage Students & Unlock Their Potential

Project Based Learning

Listen as Vicki Davis (aka the Cool Cat Teacher) shares with us why project based learning is so powerful, how to get started, and tips to do so effectively: Subscribe to the Teach 4 the Heart Podcast. listen to discover… The hallmarks of the best projects Ideas & examples of specific project based learning activities…

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5 Easy Accommodations for Special Ed or Struggling Learners

5 Easy Accomodations

Thanks to Alexx Seipp, Customer Experience Manager here at Teach 4 the Heart and creator of Genius Fishes for contributing this article. Subscribe to the Teach 4 the Heart Podcast. Differentiation, universal design for learning, accommodations, and modifications are huge buzzwords in teaching right now. Many districts are moving away from special education classes and putting…

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What It’s Like to Teach Online

What it's like to teach online

“My son and daughter are thriving at this school.”   “I got bullied so bad at my last school, and I like this new environment.” “My teachers really care about me here.” “I love being part of this work family.  I appreciate the flexibility and feel supported by the administrators.” These are the kind of comments I hear from…

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