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8 Easy Ways to Organize and Accept Payments for Classroom Activities

Google Forms are probably your bread and butter for organizing school and teaching life. They are powerful and versatile, while also being quick to set up. But the one thing they’re missing? The ability to accept payments. That’s why thousands of teachers and schools use the Payable Forms add-on with Google Forms in order to streamline information collection and host checkouts for everything from school uniforms orders to event tickets to pizza day orders to school trip permission forms. You can even use it to take donations for important causes or school projects. 

Here, we’re sharing our favorite free Payable Form templates for teachers who use Google Forms. The templates are easy to copy so you can change headlines, specific details, questions and pricing to make them your own, and when the Form is filled out, the corresponding Google Sheet automatically collects the information and shows payment status. Want to see it in action? This tutorial walks you through the steps from setup to checkout.


Collect info about medical conditions, emergency contacts, allergies, and uniform sizes while also collecting the money to pay for those uniforms. A waiver is included with parental release as an example of how a waiver could be integrated (check on your digital signature requirements with a lawyer). Get it here.


Use this template to get you set up for after-school tutoring! Offer both subscription and one-time package buying options to help get students through algebra this semester. Get it here.


Time for the Christmas concert? You can sell tickets simply with a Google Form and Payable, and take donations for your school or church at the same time. Get it here.


This Form lets you accept payment for a school field trip while also getting information about allergies, lunch preferences, emergency contact information and parental consent with a waiver. Get it here.


Do you have a yearly club membership renewing soon that you need to start collecting for? This template makes it easy to collect student information, parental permission, and money for tickets in a snap. Get it here.


This form saves you time by collecting pizza day order preferences and letting you complete payments quickly and easily. You can even have a section for special requests, like gluten- or dairy-free pizza options. Get it here.


Does your school graduation require tickets to get in, or do you need to collect money for graduation gowns and caps? This Form makes it easy whether you are selling yard signs or have a ticket to a graduation ceremony. Get it here.


The school or church needs a new roof, heating system, or air conditioning unit. Or maybe, your class is simply collecting money for charity. Whatever the reason, it’s never been easier to collect donations, thanks to Payable. This simple donation Form lets people select between an open-ended donation amount or a specific donation amount from a multiple choice question, so you’re no longer relying on parents having cash on hand when they drop by the school. Get it here.

Need more ideas? We have a free template library here!

Have another project that requires a checkout page? No problem. You can turn any Google Form that you’ve created into a checkout with Payable —no template required. 

Having trouble getting started? Check out YouTube for tutorials that break down the process step-by-step.

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