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3 Anchors to Ground Us When Scripture & Culture Clash

3 Anchors to Ground Us When Scripture & Culture Clash

As our society moves into a Post-Christian era, we face more and more issues where Scripture and culture clash. How do we keep our bearings as Christians, and how do we wisely interact with those around us? Join us as we discuss these key questions.

listen here:

the highlights:

This is such an important topic, we encourage you to listen to the full episode above. Here is how the episode breaks up: 

1. The lens we need to use when viewing things and why. (03:25)

2. The key mindset we need when it comes to identity. (06:53)

3. The lies we need to reject as Christians. (15:15)

4. What it actually means to love someone. (20:12)

resources mentioned:

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  • I disagree with your post about Black Lives Matter is a terrorist group and the leader is lesbian and the CEO was charged for being with a minor!
    God would not represent this!!
    God represents All lives matter!
    And when you say Science is real ? What are you referring to? Because when it comes to science about the COVID-19 Dr. Fauci is wrong the government lied to the American people!

    • Hi Mandie, I encourage you to listen to the episode, because it appears your comment was made just in reference to the sign in the picture without listening to the episode.

      The image is an example of secular thinking, as we see it around us every day. The episode is about how we as Christians should think about and engage with these challenging topics.

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