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7 Christian Media for Kids that You Don’t Want to Miss

There’s no doubt kids love media & entertainment. Give them an iPad and they’re hooked. Sit them in front of the TV and they’ll watch for hours.

Most of us worry that kids are spending too much time being entertained, especially when we consider the unbiblical worldview of most of our current media. For goodness’ sake, even kids shows push their own agenda.

Entertainment, videos, and stories are powerful, and they can influence our kids for good or for evil. If we’re smart, we’ll harness that power for good.

That’s why great Christian media and entertainment is so valuable. They captivate kids’ attention and use that opportunity to teach character, values, and the truths of the Bible.

Great Christian entertainment for kids

So where can you find this great Christian media? I’m glad you asked. Here are a few of my favorite options:

App: The Bible App for Kids (Free)

This app is truly amazing – an animated Bible storybook that allows kids to interact with the stories. They currently have about 40 Bible stories and are consistently adding more – all of which are concise and Biblically accurate.

My 3-year old adores this app, and I’ve seen 10-12 year olds dive into it as well. And I as a mom love that he chooses the Bible stories over any of his other game or apps.

It’s really hard to believe this app is free. It’s clearly a ministry that’s taken quite seriously.

Get The Bible App for kids here. Recommended ages: Website says ages 5 – 8. I say 3 – 8.

Bible App for Kids


Audio: Your Story Hour

your story hourYour Story Hour has an incredible collection of dramatized stories including Bible stories, historical narratives, and character-building adventures.

My sister and I absolutely loved their Bible Comes Alive series growing up. The details in the story are incredible and wonderfully accurate, often even using the exact language of the Bible in dialogue.

If you want your kids to know and love the Bible, Your Story Hour is a fantastic place to start.

Find out more about Your Story Hour here. Or grab a set from Amazon here.

Recommended ages: 4 – 17

Audio: Patch the Pirate

patch the piratePatch the Pirate’s audio & musical adventures have been thrilling children for over 30 years. These were a staple of my childhood, so they have a special place in my heart, and I think your kids will love them, too.

What makes Patch the Pirate great is that each adventure has a clear lesson it’s trying to teach, whether it’s to give your best, the value of honesty, or how to trust the Lord to defeat your giants.

Find out more about Patch the Pirate here. Or grab a Patch the Pirate CD here.

Recommended ages: 4 – 11


Audio: Adventures in Odyssey

Adventures in OdysseyAdventures in Odyssey presents character-building stories that are brought to live via audio. The stories are engaging and will connect with your kids right where they live.

The collection of Adventures in Odyssey stories is quite incredible. You can purchase them separately or enjoy unlimited streaming with their Odyssey Adventure Club.

Find out more about Adventures in Odyssey here.  Or, grab a set on Amazon here.

Recommended ages: 8 – 12


Video: Torchlighters

TorchlightersIf you truly want to inspire kids to serve the Lord and to see beyond their own sheltered lives, then you’ve got to grab these incredible stories. Torchlighters animated DVD’s feature real-life heroes of the faith and portray their incredible stories with gripping impact.

Honestly, even as an adult, I can’t watch one of these without being impacted. The stories of incredible sacrifice, courage, and dedication are truly inspiring and will expand your kids’ horizons of what God could do with their own lives.

Just so you’re not surprised, I’ll say that the animation in a few of the videos is clearly low-budget, but the stories and their impact far, far, far outweigh any flaws in the animation. I highly, highly recommend them.

Find out more about Torchlighters here. You can purchase a Torchlighters video here or grab the whole set.

Recommended ages:  8 – 12   Note there are some scary (but realistic) elements to these stories, so they may not be best for younger kids.


VeggieTalesVideo: VeggieTales

VeggieTales are super silly and fun adventures that either (very, very loosely) follow the story arch of a Bible story or simply portray a fun, character-building adventure.

VeggieTales are sometimes more silly than they are educational, but none-the-less they are a great alternative that your kids will enjoy and learn from.

Find out more about VeggieTales here. Or grab a VeggieTales DVD from Amazon here.

Recommended ages: 4 – 14


Video:  Great Heroes & Legends of the Bible

Greatest Heroes & Legends of the BibleAs their name implies, these animated videos portray stories of the great heroes of the Bible. Each DVD contains a separate story that dives in detail into not just the story itself but also the context surrounding it.

We recently got a few of these for my son, and I love that he wants to watch “David” or “Joshua & Jericho” more than he wants to watch his other shows.

Since the stories are around 45 minutes long, they obviously take some creative license, but I’m a little disappointed that they seem to change some details here and there. Nonetheless, they seem to remain true to the spirit and overall theme and plotline of the story.

Grab one of their DVD’s here.  Recommended ages: 4 – 11



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Important Disclaimer: Some of these links are affiliate links, meaning I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you if you purchase products through the links. I have also received some sample materials from some of these companies in exchange for reviewing them here. All opinions are my own & I am only recommending materials I truly enjoy and believe will be helpful to your family or school.

What about you? What are your favorite Christian videos, audios, or apps for kids?



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  • The guy who did VeggieTales has a new series out that is much more focused on the Bible than Veggie Tales. If you’re into theological accuracy for young minds, “What’s In the Bible? with Buck Denver!” is a fantastic series.

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