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12 Christmas Devotional Ideas

Christmas is an incredible time. And it’s not just the decorations, lights, food, and presents. The truths of Christmas are amazing and life-changing.

Throughout the season, opportunities will arise to share truth – whether it’s a formal devotion for a class, small group, or meeting or an informal discussion with our kids. Here are some ideas of God’s incredible truths that we can share at Christmas time.

12 Christmas Devotional Ideas | Teach 4 the Heart

Christmas Devotion Topics

  1. Greatness requires sacrifice. Mary and Joseph made big sacrifices and experienced lots of difficulty in order to do something great for God. The same is often true in our lives.

  2. The joy of giving. Tell about a time that you experienced particular joy from a gift you gave. Or, if you’re able, take it a step further with suggestions found in my post Help Your Kids Experience the Joy of Giving this Christmas.
  3. What I’ve learned. Tell about a difficult challenge you experienced at Christmas time and how you overcame it.
  4. Inspiration from a carol. The Christmas carols are full of truth and inspiration. Grab and carol and unpack its message.

  5. God keeps His promises. God had been promising to send the Messiah for centuries, and many of the Jews probably doubted if it would ever really happen. But God’s timing is perfect, and He always keeps His promises. Then and now.

  6. Keeping Jesus at the center of Christmas. Discuss the importance of keeping our focus on the real meaning of the season. Give practical ways you do so.

  7. The best gift. Tell about the best Christmas gift you ever received. Then explain how Jesus & God’s gift of salvation is the best gift in the world. Give the plan of salvation.

  8. Christ came for a reason. Move beyond the manger by sharing the reason Christ came in the first place – to die and redeem us.

  9. It started before Creation. More incredible than the virgin birth itself is the fact that God created us in the first place – knowing that we would sin and that Jesus would have to die. (The song Mystery by Selah powerfully declares this great sacrifice.)
  10. The Christmas story. There’s something special about reading the Luke 2 Christmas story. Take it a step further by having volunteers act it out or by asking kids to draw a picture.

  11. The legend of the candy cane. Share the story behind the candy cane and how it symbolizes various aspects of Jesus. You can, of course, give out candy canes. Click here for details and a printable candy cane tag or here to order the book.
  12.  A gift for Jesus. In this season of giving, what will we give to Jesus? He wants our love more than anything (Mark 12:30), and He also says that what we do for others we do for Him (Matthew 25:34-40).

What great truths have you learned about Christmas? Share them with a comment below.

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