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 Now Hiring!!

Teach 4 the Heart is growing & we need amazing educators to join our team.

Check out our job descriptions & apply below.

We're looking for amazing educators to fill the following positions:

  • algebra resource creator
  • ela resource creator
  • Sell your own resources

We are seeking a skilled algebra teacher to write practice problems and answer keys for our MathLight curriculum.

Job Responsibilities Include:

  • Writing differentiated questions (including word problems) for various algebra topics 
  • Writing answer keys including the steps needed to arrive at the answer. (All steps must follow the same format as is taught in our MathLight videos and notes.)
  • Lay out the questions in a logical and appealing matter using the pattern of our pre-designed templates (this will be done in inDesign)
  • Assembling review questions and topics for the review study guide.

The Ideal Candidate would...

  • Have experience teaching or tutoring algebra
  • Possess strong math skills and the ability to catch their own mistakes
  • Know what questions are appropriate at each level and be able to write questions that will help students practice and grow their skills without overwhelming them
  • Either already have a working knowledge of inDesign or have the ability to quickly get yourself up to speed on the basic features. (We do not use many complex features at all - but you do need to be able to perform basic tasks within the program.)
  • Be comfortable with technology & confident in your ability to figure out new software or online programs. We will be using programs such as inDesign, Google Docs, AdobePDF, and MathType, and you need to be able to use these programs without much assistance.
  • Be able to turn around projects fairly quickly.

Estimated Hours:

This position will be project-based, meaning you will be assigned projects and given due dates by which they must be completed. (We can discuss and negotiate these due dates to ensure they work with your schedule.)  We estimate that each project would take between 5 - 10 hours, and we would hope to have it turned around within 1-2 weeks.

Note that initially we will be assigning smaller tasks to gauge your skills and choose a final candidate. The actual projects will most likely start in July and continue throughout the school year. 


This will be a virtual position, meaning you can work from home - or basically anywhere with a reliable internet connection. I prefer someone from North America so that are in similar time zones and can communicate more easily, but I will consider applicants from other locations.


You will be paid per project. Rates will be discussed & determined during the application process.

To Apply:

Send an email to Put "Algebra Resource Creator" in the subject line, then attach a single PDF that includes the following:

  • A cover letter introducing yourself and sharing both your background . Please also discuss why you are interested in this position and any relevant experience.
  • ​A current resume or CV
  • A list of programs in which you are proficient (for example: Word, PowerPoint, inDesign, Google Drive, etc.)
  • Names, phone numbers, and email addresses of 3 professional references
  • A sample list of the following questions:  Please write & type 8 practice questions for the topic multiplying binomials by binomials. Include 2 basic questions, 2 intermediate questions, 2 advanced questions, and 2 word problems. Please also include an answer key in which all the steps are shown. The answer key may be typed or hand-written (your choice).

Applications will be accepted through May 8, 2017. First priority may be given to those who apply early.