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Work with Us

Now Hiring!!

Teach 4 the Heart is growing & we need an amazing educator to join our team.

Check out the job descriptions & apply below.

Role: Customer Experience Representative

Your role will be to fully understand all our content and products so you can help our readers and customers get what they need. We receive a lot of questions and requests about our site,  services, and the products, and we need a team member who can learn about all of these well enough to eventually answer most questions without assistance.

Job Responsibilities Include:

  • Respond daily to reader questions via email, chat, and through blog & course comments.
  • Help moderate & support teachers in the Christian Teachers' Lounge Facebook group.
  • Throughly learn about Teach 4 the Heart's services, blog posts, and products and help me develop systems to meet our readers' needs.
  • Maintain an organized list of reader questions, struggles, and topics of interest to use in future blog posts  and products.

The Ideal Candidate would...

  • Have excellent customer service skills: You must be able to respond politely and professionally every time, regardless of your mood or if the reader is antagonistic.
  • Possess strong writing skills: You need to be able to communicate clearly, concisely, and without (many) mechanical errors.
  • Already be familiar with Teach 4 the Heart - our mission, our resources, etc. - and be excited about helping teachers find the resources & help they need.
  • Have extra time in your schedule (possibly NOT currently teaching). I do NOT want this position to be an added burden if you're already overwhelmed. Likewise, you need to be able to commit to the position and give it the energy it requires.
  • Have teaching experience: In order to help teachers, you need to understand what it's like to be a teacher. As such, teaching experience is requested.
  • Have a strong relationship with God and believe that it impacts every aspect of your life, including your professional interactions.
  • Be comfortable with technology & confident in your ability to figure out new software or online programs. We will be using programs such as Google Drive, Google Docs, Freshdesk, and Facebook, and you need to be able to use these programs without much help.

Estimated Hours:

Hours vary depending on the value of email and other needs, but it's typically 2-3 hours per week. However, you will need to commit to checking in & responding to email on your assigned days (typically 3 per week). In other words, expect to work around 45 minutes three days a week. As the site grows, this position may also grow to include more hours & responsibilities.  

(Please note that you will be working under Alexx Seipp, our existing Customer Experience Manager. As such, you will have someone who can cover for you or with whom you can switch if you need to take days off.)


This is a virtual position, meaning you can work from home - or basically anywhere with a reliable internet connection. We prefer someone from North America so that are in similar time zones and can communicate more easily, but we will consider applicants from other locations.


You will be paid hourly. The rate will be discussed & determined during the application process.

To Apply:

Send an email to Put "Customer Experience Manager Application" in the subject line, then attach a single PDF that includes the following:

  • A cover letter introducing yourself and sharing both your teaching background and spiritual testimony. Please also discuss why you are interested in this position and how you believe you can help your fellow teachers through Teach 4 the Heart.
  • A current resume or CV
  • Your requested hourly rate
  • Names, phone numbers, and email addresses of 3 professional references
  • A 500 - 1000 word summary of the ways Teach 4 the Heart currently provides value to teachers and a description of how you think the site could grow in the future.
  • The link to a short video (no longer than 5 minutes) of you introducing yourself & telling me why I should hire you. One way to do this is to upload it to YouTube & set the settings to unlisted - that way I can view it but it won't be public. You could also use Google Drive.

Applications will be accepted through June 1, 2019. Because we hope to fill this position quickly, priority may be given to those who apply first.

Next Steps:

  • Alexx Seipp, our customer experience manager, will review applications and choose the strongest candidates to complete trial tasks and continue on through the interview process.
  • If you do not hear from us by June 10, that likely means you were not one of our final candidates, but please feel free to email us to check on the status of your application.

Thank you so much for considering the position. We are honored that you would want to work with us. ❤️