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We Will Forget 9-11. What Else Have We Forgotten?

Where were you 13 years ago when the planes flew into the towers?

I was walking into my 10th grade history class and there it was. Our teacher had the TV on (definitely unusual) and we all just sat there and stared…..

The memories of that day are burned in my mind, as they are in the mind of every American who saw them, of every American who pledged to never forget.

We will eventually forget 9-11. What else have we forgotten?

But our students don’t have those memories. They don’t remember what it felt like to watch the towers fall, to fear for what would happen next, or to swell with patriotism as we pledged to defend and pray for this great nation.

Our students’ knowledge is second-hand at best, shaped not by their own experience but by the experiences that have been shared with them by others.

If we don’t tell them, remind them, and impress upon them that day’s importance, then the impact of that terrible day will gradually fade from America’s memory and conscience.

We Will Forget

History is first experienced then shared, diminished, and finally forgotten.

This is how history works. It is first experienced – vibrant, real, raw emotions and memories in the lives of the people who were there. Then it is shared – second-hand knowledge from parents, teachers, uncles, and grandparents who share their memories with a somewhat-interested-but-just-can’t-completely-grasp-it-all second generation. Then it is diminished as the second generation who only heard of these events passes on a few legends and facts. Finally, it is all but forgotten, relegated to the pages of a history book that may or may not even reflect the reality of what happened that day.

This will one day happen with 9-11. It is inevitable. Will the history books be true and accurate as they record this event? Are they true and accurate with most of our history?

What Else Have We Forgotten?

Unfortunately so many of the great events that shaped our history – events that people saw, felt, and wept over – have not only faded from memory but have been removed or rewritten by our history books.

In particular, those events and people who show the strong Christian heritage and faith of our Founding Fathers have been all but silenced – censored so as not to disrupt the current leading agenda.

But the true history of our nation is vital, for it has shaped our laws, our culture, and our way of life. It reveals mistakes that we do not want to repeat and solutions that we would do well to re-implement.

I Didn’t Know What I Didn’t Know

Having attended Christian school my whole life, I thought I knew about America’s Christian heritage. I mean, I knew many of the Founders were Christians, that they prayed and depended on God, and that the Bible was very influential in the early days of our country. 

Why had I never heard these before?

But I didn’t know the half. When I was introduced to Wallbuilders, I just could not believe what I had missed. The stories of early Americans blew me away – their faith, their wisdom, their courage. Why had I never heard these before?

We Must Remember

You absolutely have to check out Wallbuilders and the incredible information they provide, especially if you teach history. We owe it to our students and children to give them the whole story – a story, by the way, that they will be absolutely fascinated to hear.

These resources will excite you, inspire you, and change your entire view of American history.

But it doesn’t stop there. When we see history accurately, we start to see current events in a different light as well. We have the right context for current issues, and we see problems and solutions more clearly.

So are you ready to start on a journey of discovery? Here are some of the ways you can get started….

What incredible historical fact have you discovered that shocked, amazed, or inspired you?

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