Update: The test group is now full. Sorry ?. The good news is that you can still check out Prolio for yourself! Just click the link below - and be sure to let us know what you think by using the "Give Us Feedback" button.

Click here to check out Prolio.


I have an awesome opportunity to share with you!

We are partnering with a new education tool that helps teachers inspire their students to reach their full potential

It's called Prolio, and we are looking for teachers to be part of the test group.

First - what is prolio?

Prolio provides a proactive approach to learning, allowing you to motivate students based on individualized goals.

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    Engage ALL your students
    Prolio lets you easily differentiate goals for each student so that you can inspire reluctant learners and challenge your brightest stars, all at the same time.
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    Create a positive learning environment
    As students meet goals, they receive Prolio Bucks which they can use to personalize their avatar or redeem for in-class rewards. This not only motivates students but also makes learning fun.
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    Get students to buy into their own learning
    When students’ goals are aligned with their unique potential, they start to believe in themselves and become more engaged in their own learning.
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    Without unnecessary work for you
    We know you don’t have time to wade through a cumbersome tool. That’s why Prolio is simple, efficient, and easy to use.  
prolio - inspire your students to reach their full potential


  1. Choose something to measure.
    You could set goals for math test grades, homework completion, outside reading, or even behavior. The sky’s the limit!  
  2. Set goals for each student.
    Quickly choose individualized goals for each student. Or, allow students to set their own goals.
  3. Help students accomplish their goals.
    As students work towards their goals, simply enter the results, and Prolio will automatically award the correct number of Prolio Bucks.
  4. Redeem Prolio Bucks for fun prizes
    Students can use their Prolio Bucks to customize their avatar or redeem them for simple in-class rewards.

why join the test group?

As a member of this exclusive test group, you can not only motivate students in your own classroom, but you also get to help perfect a tool that will (hopefully)  inspire thousands of students around the world. Your feedback & suggestions are really that important.

Plus, you'll also get a premium membership for LIFE as our thank you ?.

And....It's super fun to connect with fellow teachers in this way.

That having been said, it's not for everyone.

You should apply to join the test group if....

  1. You love trying new tools 
    (i.e. technology doesn't scare you)
  2. You are excited to try this tool out NOW (before the school year ends)
    (i.e. you like to innovate - and you're not so overwhelmed that this will for sure fall through the cracks)
  3. You're willing to provide feedback
    (i.e. you won't flake. You'll let us know the good, the bad, and the ugly.)
  4. You teach grades K - 8
    The tool is currently geared towards younger students, but we're working on making it relatable to all grades. If you teach older students, you can still apply - we're actually super curious to see how older kids respond. But we want you to know it may not be in their wheelhouse (yet).

what happens when i apply?

We're still working out all the details, but we do know that....

  The test group will be limited to a small number of teachers -


Spots will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis 

So once you decide you want to join, we encourage you to apply quickly.

When the group is formed, we will get you the details for how to set up your account and get started with Prolio. We'll also figure out the best ways to meet up / connect virtually to ask questions, get feedback, and discuss ideas.


Email us at linda@teach4theheart.com. Or, click here to chat on Messenger.