Thanks for being part of the Prolio test group! This page will house all the info you need, so bookmark it now for easy access.

We're so excited to finally share this tool & to get your feedback on it. We believe the tool is 95% there - but there are likely some key features and changes that need to be made to make it truly effective. That's why we can't wait to hear what YOU think!

Let's get started!

facebook group

We've put together a private group on Facebook as an alternate way to chat & share info. If you're not on Facebook, don't worry - you can get all the info you need here & we'll keep in touch via email.

But if you are on Facebook, we'd love to have you join us in the group. Request to join here:


If you haven't done so yet, create your account here:

This video will walk you though the sign-up process:

And this video will give you a basic overview of how Prolio works:


Any time you find something that isn't working the way you wanted, anytime you're confused, or anytime you think "man, I really wish Prolio would let me _____", click the Feedback button & send us your thoughts.

(We'd also love to hear about your favorite features & what IS working well, too!)

Here's how to do that:

set up as a mobile app

If you'd like to use Prolio on your phone, here's how to set it up as a mobile app:

1. Sign into Prolio on your mobile phone. (Use the link above or just go to - but be sure to login.)

2. Push the button at the bottom of your browser that allows you to share things (see image below)

3. Look for the "Add to Home Screen" option and click that. (see image below)

Prolio should now appear as an app on your phone ?

Here's a picture of what it looked like on my iPhone. From my understanding, it works similarly on other phones:

prolio mobile app set up
prolio mobile app set up  - how to add to home screen

Thanks so much! We'll be adding more to this page in the coming days.

And if you run into any trouble, send us an email: