We Prayed & God Did This!

As Christian teachers, we realize that prayer is vital in our classroom. If we are going to make a lasting difference in our students' lives, it needs to be God working through us. And so we pray that He does.

And when He does, we praise Him, give Him the glory, and share the story with others to encourage them to continue in prayer, to keep working where God has placed them, and to not lose heart.

To that end, if you've seen God answer a prayer or do a special work in your classroom, your life, or your school, will you please share the testimony with a comment below?

Please realize that this is a pubic web page. If you have a private praise to share, consider sharing it in our private Facebook group.

Thank you for sharing your stories!

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We’re praying & God is working. Share your testimonies of what God is doing in your classroom, your life, or your school.