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How to Impact Students for Eternity (even when we can’t share Jesus directly)

Impact students for eternity

Listen to our conversation with Ashley Ogal of We Teach Joy as we discuss why students need Christian teachers more than ever and how we can be a light, even when we can't directly tell them about Jesus.

listen to discover...

  • Encouragement that you CAN make a difference, even when it feels like your efforts aren't making a dent
  • How the concept of "moving students to the right" changes the way we view every single interaction
  • The one thing you can do - no matter where you teach - that will most certainly impact your students both now & for eternity

Key takeaways:

  • Students face so many BIG challenges such as broken homes, poverty, lack of community. We cannot control their home lives, but we can and must be a positive influence at school.
  • We can plant seeds in our students' lives - seeds of joy, responsibility, strong relationships, etc. 
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    We often overlook the power of prayer. Through prayer, we can intercede directly to the throne of the King of the Universe, the sovereign Ruler who is in control of everything. We must pray for our students and schools.
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    We know that what our students need most is Jesus, but what can/should we do in public schools where we can't share Him directly? We can view each conversation, interaction, and lesson as an opportunity to move students one step to the right (not politically - but according to the diagram below). Through our testimony, relationships, and words, we can take students who are "far away" and give them contact with someone who has been transformed by the Gospel (you!). We can take those who have met Christians before and bring up religion in a lesson (in a way that is allowed as explained here) - thus piquing their interest and getting them to seek/talk with others. And on it goes.  

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For more help knowing what is and isn't allowed in public schools - including more idea for how to shine your light, grab our FREE Teach with Faith, not Fear training.

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