Create Your Dream Classroom: Free Chapters

Free Preview: Create Your Dream Classroom

Download four free chapters of Create Your Dream Classroom for free!

That’s right – absolutely free. No strings attached!

(I was going to say I won’t even ask for your email, but I’ve been having trouble with the download link….So just let me know your email in the form & I will send it to you directly.)

Create Your Dream Classroom  Click here to request your 4 free chapters of Create Your Dream Classroom.

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christine endicott

I love your emails! I would love to check out this resource, however the download did not work.


I would love to read the chapters. However, the download did not work.


Please share the downloads with me too

    Linda Kardamis

    Please send me an email & I’ll get it to you. I’m working right now to fix the issue so you can also try again here in a little bit. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Maryann Hanley Pereira

I could not get the free download. I am also concerned that this is directed more toward elementary than high school students.

Please advise and if I could get the free download myself that would be great.

Maryann Pereira

    Linda Kardamis

    Please send me an email to get the free download:
    I designed the book to be applicable to all teachers K-12, but I myself taught middle school, so I would say it’s definitely not elementary-specific and should be great for high school. Let me know if I can help with anything else.

Molly Roschmann

Hi Linda,
I would love to read the four free chapters of Create your dream classroom.

Thank you,


Peter White

Hi there!
I am Chinese. And I like your thoughts very much! I am a teacher and I need your help!



Thank you so much!

Sonya Bender

Please send me a copy as the download redirects me to opening page every time 🙁 Thank you :))

Donna Moxley

Thank you

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