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I’ve found that so many “teacher books” are high on theory, low on practicality. Not so with Linda’s book. She describes situations that I’ve seen playing out in my classroom time and again, and then applies a Biblical principle to that situation. But the great thing is, she doesn’t stop there. She goes on to give very practical advice about what to say, what to do, and how to follow through….I wish I could have read this after my student teaching!  – Kate O., English/history teacher for 6 years

As a veteran teacher with 27 years in Christian education,I honestly believe that there is great value here for the beginning teacher and the veteran teacher as well. The beginner will find many, many things that will help them to find direction and organization in their classroom. The veteran teacher will find encouraging reminders to get back on track in multiple areas.          –  Rick S.,veteran math teacher

This is an invaluable resource for beginning teachers who have had a rough year and need a mentor to share strategies to help them get back on track as well as veteran teachers who need motivation, inspiration, and perhaps some new ideas to implement in the classroom this fall. If you have a desire to excel as a teacher, this is a fabulous resource to help you do just that. I have been out of the classroom for a few years, and after reading this book, I was fired up and ready to go back! – Vicky H., veteran English teacher

If you are a new teacher or a veteran, this book gives thoughtful insight and great suggestions for managing a classroom. Many resources aimed at teachers are heavy on theory. This book gives ideas and strategies that can be implemented immediately and easily to produce real change in classroom dynamics. I have been teaching for 20 years and plan to make some adjustments in classroom procedures after reading this book! – Sandi O., veteran math and science teacher

Linda Kardamis understands students, and knows how to teach them. This guide offers practical wisdom for classroom success. Instead of educational theory, Linda gives a road map for teaching that will help new teachers navigate the twists and turns, and offer new ideas to those who have been in the classroom for many years. Excellent map to teaching success! – Crystal K., veteran English teacher

I wish I had read this book when I was teaching. It spoke to many questions and problems I had when I was in the classroom. If you are striving at all to do more for the kids you teach, to care for them and their education to the best of your ability, this book is a great tool toward accomplishing that goal! – Rebekah D., former elementary teacher

I love your book! It’s totally great! I wish I had it for even before I became a teacher. It’s such a great resource for the basics and foundational issues for classroom management and organization. – Carol C., new teacher

Finally! Great practical advice you can put to use immediately in your classroom! Written from a Christian perspective with valuable tips to make your room run more smoothly!

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