Classroom Management 101 

PD series for schools

Frustration ends here.

Classroom Management 101 is just what your teachers need to help them keep classroom control, be more effective, and make deeper connections with their students.

Do you have teachers who are struggling to control their classrooms? 

To have an effective classroom, you must have a well-managed classroom. There's just no way around it.

When teachers struggle to keep control of their classrooms,  their students cannot learn effectively, the teachers get frustrated, and you start having to deal with bigger & bigger issues.

On the other hand, when teachers masters classroom management, they can help their students focus, learn, and excel.

My first year of teaching wasn't pretty. I thought I knew what to do, but I made some big mistakes, and a few months into the year I had a bit of a mess on my hands. I was frustrated and stressed - this was just not how I envisioned that teaching would be.

Many of your teachers are experiencing these same frustrations. And not only are they confused and stressed, but their students aren't getting the education that they could be. 

That's why I created this course - to share the knowledge and skills I've learned so that your teachers can learn how to cut out the distractions and get back to what's really important - teaching the students.

Classroom Management 101 is full of practical, actionable advice that your teachers can start implementing on day 1. It will give them the training they need to turn an out-of-control classroom into a smooth, effective one.

And that, my dear administrator, is good for everyone.

When teachers learn how to better manage their classrooms, everyone wins, and your school becomes stronger and more effective.

No one likes discipline issues, and no one benefits when a classroom is verging on out-of-control.

The problem is that these things aren't so easy to fix. 

Teachers who are struggling with their classroom management aren't really to blame because more often than not, they haven't been given the tools and training they need to be effective. 

However, when you give them the training they need, they can adapt, change, and overcome these challenges. And when they start to see success, amazing things happen.

Teachers are happier & more effective.

Students learn way more (which parents love).

Your school is stronger & attracts new families.

Great classroom management isn't just about controlling students. It's about reaching their hearts.

Can you picture that stereotypical "strict" teacher who rules with an iron fist and whom no one would dare cross if you paid them to? Well, that teacher might have a perfectly quiet classroom, but are they really making a genuine impact?

You see, great classroom management is about more than just keeping kids quiet. It's about creating an atmosphere where students can learn and where teachers have the opportunity to make a lasting impact.

It's about creating a culture of respect, focus, and diligence. 

It's about how humility, caring, consequences, rules, and meaningful conversations all work together to give us the opportunity to not just challenge our students' minds but to impact their hearts.

Great Classroom Management Produces....

  •  More significant learning. When behavioral distractions are reduced, students are more focused. As a result, they learn a whole lot more.
  • Genuine, lasting change. When your teachers have earned their students' respect and focus, they will have opportunities to speak truth into their hearts and lives.
  • A vibrant, effective school. It's hard to flourish when classrooms are in a hubbub and teachers are frustrated. But when teachers learn how to manage their classrooms, everything changes and your whole school reaps the benefits.

Get your teachers the practical training they need to gain control of their classrooms & become more effective than ever

Most teachers have the desire to be effective and are willing to put in the effort required to do so. But too often they have pretty much no idea of what to change - about how exactly they are supposed to keep all these kids focused and learning.

And so, despite their best efforts, they're not making much progress.

What they need is practical, actionable training.

Training that walks them step-by-step through the process of creating a classroom management plan. Training that gives specifics not just about how to deal with problems but also how to prevent them.

Training that teaches them to go beyond "stop doing that" to make a real impact in their students' lives.

Get your teachers what they need.
Get them
 Classroom Management 101

because the frustration ends here. 

Classroom Management 101 is a 6-module training that is available both as a video PD series and as an online course.

  1. Comprehensive training: The course discusses a wide range of classroom management topics so that your teachers will receive the practical knowledge they need to manage their classrooms.
  2. Flexible options: Show the videos in staff meetings or PD sessions. Or, allow your teachers to watch them individually. The choice is yours.
  3. Lifetime access: Your license never expires, which means future teachers will benefit for years to come.

See what some of our students have to say:

"Wonderful ideas..."

"It was filled with wonderful ideas, suggestions and most importantly (for me) examples. I also love that I can go back and review what I learned and listen whenever I need or want to."


"I wish I had found this earlier."

"I truly wish I had found this before starting my first year of teaching (last year). It would have made the year much, much better."


"Enroll in Classroom Management 101"

" If you're ready to reach the hearts of your students, progress as an educator, and watch your students grow academically and in their character, then enroll in classroom management 101."


Get Classroom Management 101 today!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don't love Classroom Management 101, just let us know within 30 days and we'll send you a prompt refund.

"Simplest, most accessible knowledge"

"I have read several books on classroom management, but this class is far and away the simplest, most accessible knowledge on the subject I have ever encountered."


"Encouragement that anyone can have a well-managed class"

"I really appreciate all the very specific suggestions and the encouragement that anyone can have a well managed class.:


"Helped me actually plan it all out"

"This course has helped me organize my thoughts on management to levels that I can actually implement. College just threw a whole bunch of strategies at me, but your course helped me actually plan it all out. Thank you!"


In case you still have some Questions....

So what's in the course?

When you purchase a school-wide license your school will get…..

  • Unlimited access to over 60 videos that will help your teachers develop a specific classroom management plan
  • A printable teacher's manual to help your teachers remember and apply what they've learned
  • Complete rights to show the videos as many times as you'd like to all your school's faculty and staff members
  • Online access for teachers (deluxe edition only)

Who is this course for?

Classroom Management 101 is for any teacher who wants to improve their classroom management. A new teacher or a teacher who's struggling to control their classroom will gain the knowledge they need to succeed, and a veteran teacher who has the basics down will pick up additional skills and ideas to take their classroom to the next level. This course is great for any K – 12 teacher. I mostly taught middle school, so many of my examples relate best to those grades, but I also relate the principles to all grades, from kindergarten up to high school.

If you've been following Teach 4 the Heart for very long, you may have noticed that my primary audience is Christian teachers. Since I am a Christian, I use Christian or Scriptural examples from time to time throughout the course. This course, however, is designed for Christian and non-Christian teachers alike, who teach in both private or public schools. (In other words, the course will be helpful for anyone who needs help with classroom management, but if a mention of Scripture is going to be a problem, then it's probably not for your school.

Will it really help our teachers manage their classrooms?

Classroom Management 101 will definitely give your teachers all the practical knowledge they need to manage their classrooms. It will help them learn what how to prepare, how to prevent problems from happening in the first place, what to do when a student misbehaves, how to motivate their students, and how to handle challenging situations. Of course, they actually have to follow through and implement what they've learned to experience true success, but we believe they'll be so inspired and encouraged that that shouldn't be a problem.

How long is Classroom Management 101 and how does it work?

Classroom Management 101 contains over 6 hours of video. Each of the 6 modules contains about 10 lessons, and each video lesson is typically 5-10 minutes long. When you purchase a school-wide license, you will be able to download all these videos and use them anywhere you would like. If you purchase the deluxe edition, your teachers will also have online access to complete the course online anywhere that they have an internet connection. Also included in both editions is a printable manual which includes printables, downloads, and links to additional resources. 

Will this be worth the money?

If you have teachers who are struggling to control their classrooms then, yes, absolutely. Classroom management is so important, and when your teachers start to implement these principles, you are going to be thrilled with the results. And not only will your teachers and students benefit, but this course will completely pay for itself (and way more) if even one new students enrolls in your school as a result of the improvements - a highly likely prospect.

How long do we have access?

When you purchase a school-wide license, your access never expires. You can use the videos for years to come at no additional fee. And if you purchase the deluxe edition, both your current and future teachers can enroll for free in the online course.

What if we don't like the course?

I don't think we'll have this problem, but if for any reason you decide this isn't the right training material for your school, just let me know within 30 days and I will absolutely refund your purchase.

"There are great, down-to-earth ideas that can be implemented immediately."

"I love the emphasis on dealing with the heart of the student, administering grace while running a well-structured and ordered classroom."

"This is a great tool for any teacher, whether you're a new teacher or have 20 years of experience; there is something to be learned!!"

situations that will soon come my way. Thank you!"
- advice from CM 101 students 

Get Classroom Management 101 today!

I'm so glad I had teachers & administrators who helped train me when I was a bit lost myself. It is my prayer that this training will give your teachers the help & advice they need to not run an efficient classroom but also to make an eternal impact on their students' lives.

P.S.: Want to see the whole course outline? Your wish is my command....

Module 1: Develop the Right Mindset

1.1 Introduction to the Mindset Phase

1.2 Take Responsibility for Your Classroom

1.3 Have the Right Motive

1.4 Seek First to Understand

1.5 Think Win-Win

1.6 Commit to Be Humble

1.7 Value the First Week of School

Module 2: Prepare Your Plan

2.1 Introduction to the Preparation Phase

2.2 Determine Your Rules

2.3 Determine the Consequences

2.4 Determine the Rewards

2.5 Determine Your Expectations

2.6 Decide How You’ll Address Shortcomings

2.7 Build Your Confidence

2.8 Determine Your Start-of-Class Procedures

2.9 Determine Your Other Procedures

2.10 Plan the First Day of School

Module 3: Prevent Problems

3.1 Introduction to the Prevention Module

3.2 Start with Structure

3.3 Teach Your Procedures

3.4 Address Problems While They’re Small

3.5 Be Organized

3.6 Keep Students Engaged

3.7 How to Get Your Students’ Attention

3.8 Develop Rapport with Your Students

3.9 Be Professional

3.10 Prevent Cheating

Module 4: Address Problems that Arise

4.1 Introduction to Problem Solving Module

4.2 What to Do When a Student Misbehaves

4.3 Why You Need to Be Consistent

4.4 Why You Shouldn’t Always Be Consistent

4.5 How to Talk with a Student

4.6 How to Talk with the Parents

4.7 What to Do About Chattering, Blurting, and Wandering

4.8 What to Do About Complaining, Backtalk, and Defiance

4.9 How to Handle Intentional Disruptions and Class Clowns

4.10 An Introduction to Whole Brain Teaching

Module 5: Inspire Your Students to Learn

5.1 Introduction to the Inspiration Module

5.2 Believe in All Your Students

5.3 Be Encouraging

5.4 Make Sure Your Students are the Ones Working

5.5 Use Memory Work and Recitation

5.6 Make Learning Fun

5.7 Be Wise with Your Homework

5.8 Have One-on-One Conversations

5.9 Get the Parents Involved

5.10 Help Your Students Be Organized

Module 6: Troubleshooting Challenging Situations

6.1 Introduction and General Troubleshooting Principles

6.2 Handling a Lack of Administrative Backup and/or Parent Support

6.3 Managing Students Who Consistently Question You

6.4 Helping Students with Learning and/or Behavioral Challenges

6.5 Dealing with a Challenging Student Who Seems to Affect the Entire Class Dynamic

6.6 Getting a New Student Mid-Year

6.7 Regaining Control When the Class Is Not Listening

6.8 Preventing Misbehavior Behind Your Back

6.9 Keeping the Class Organized While You Work with a Small Group

6.10 Managing Transitions and Interruptions

6.11 Managing a Class as a Substitute or Special Class Teacher

6.12 Managing Cell Phones in the Classroom

6.13 Responding to Student Excuses

6.14 Helping Students Navigate Drama

Get Classroom Management 101 today!