50+ Best Websites for Teachers

50+ Best Websites for Teachers

These days there are so many websites and resources available to help teachers, but that doesn’t mean that teachers know what all’s available to them.

There’s so many lists of websites out there, but what makes this one unique is that these websites have been recommended by teachers themselves. Thank you to all the teachers who submitted your favorite website!

A disclaimer, though: I have not personally vetted these websites. I’ve simply compiled a list of websites that teachers love and recommend. I hope it will be helpful. And help make this list even better by adding your favorites in the comments!

Best websites for teachers

Websites that Provide Resources, Ideas, or Professional Help

 Great Websites for the Classroom and/or Students

  • Remind.com – a safe way for parents to text message students and stay in touch with parents
  •  Moby Max – integrated curriculum and teacher use system for ELA and math Common Core
  •  Discovery Education – provides high quality, dynamic, digital content to schools
  •  Read Theory – Sign up for free and gain access to over 1,000 reading comprehension exercises.
  •  Read  Works – reading comprehension
  •  FCRR – Florida Center for Reading Research
  •  GoNoodle – brain breaks kids love
  •  ABCya.com – free educational kids computer games
  •  Planbook.com – lesson planning made easy
  •  Free Rice – practice questions in a variety of subjects (and they donate rice to impoverished countries for each answer you get right. How cool is that!?)
  •  Flocabulary – educational hip-hop songs and videos
  •  Reading Rockets – help young children learn to read
  •  CNN Student News  – a ten-minute, commercial-free, daily news program designed for middle and high school classes.
  •  Grammar Bytes – grammar quizzes
  •  AR Book Finder
  •  Utah Education Network – K-2 student interactives & much more
  • Illuminations – resources for teaching math

 Awesome Blogs for Teachers

Is your favorite website not on the list? Add it in the comments below.

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Linda Kardamis

I believe that when God calls us to teach, He promises the strength & wisdom to do it well. All we need to do is keep learning, growing, and depending on Him. I'm here to provide practical advice and Biblical encouragement so you'll have the confidence and perspective to not only inspire your students but reach their hearts as well.

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Er Ingau Det - September 1, 2014

Edmodo! I use it with my middle school students – it is very user friendly and a great way of communicating (and saving paper!)

    zvodretiluret - September 20, 2018

    Everything is very open and very clear explanation of issues. was truly information. Your website is very useful. Thanks for sharing.

    Morgan Tirado - January 10, 2019

    Just wanted to mention keep up the fantastic job!| Greetings from Ohio!

Maggie Marie Miller - September 1, 2014

Thank you!

Anna Hill - September 8, 2014


Anna Hill - September 8, 2014


zaha - September 8, 2014

very useful

Anna Hill - September 19, 2014


Positive Engagement Project - September 30, 2014

Thank you for listing us as one of your 50 BEST!!!!

dearteacherlt - October 11, 2014

Thank you for adding Dear Teacher/Love Teacher to your list! You are awesome!

Anna Hill - November 7, 2014


Myra Richardson - November 7, 2014

DEAR TEACHERS: I would like to make it clear that we are not soliciting funds for students. The monetary award is coming through the TEACHERS FOR MARY organization. We only need for teachers to nominate a student…nothing more. The money will sit unused without nominations. How sad that would be for the children who deserve it. Kind Regards. Myra

Myra Richardson - November 7, 2014

So sorry…the website is: http://www.maryevethorsonscholarshipfund.com. The monetary awards are for 8th grade students. Please pass the link along if possible. Thank you again.

Sawaram - November 17, 2014

All websites are quite good and it helping teachers a lot. Moreover I have seen some teachers and student are using http://stunited.org. This website is more comprehensive and user-friendly fit for teacher, student and parents.

Andrea - December 18, 2014

Love, Teach blog

Jay - January 2, 2015

Learnzillion is great!

Maria Anderson - March 19, 2015

I host a series of free writing videos on my YouTube channel. My teacher friends have found them quite helpful. Please check out the link and share if you think your teacher audience will find my short writing instruction videos interesting and useful as well: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWlH7ELKVUDDWtUJ8AC03Dg/videos

Thanks for your time and consideration!

kidseducation - March 27, 2015

Thank you very useful for me

Anna Hill - April 19, 2015


Anna Hill - April 19, 2015


Miley's Daughter - April 19, 2015

My favorites are starfall.com for younger kids, incredibox.com for older kids interested in technology and powermylearning.com. All free!

Julie - April 19, 2015

E-learningforkids and Sheppard Software – both free and amazing!!

Anna Hill - April 20, 2015


The Provocateur - April 20, 2015

TeachersAnonymous.com is a brand new website designed to allow teachers help other teachers, anonymously. Don’t hold back, find real answers to your everyday problems within the education world. Join in on the discussion today at http://www.TeachersAnonymous.com

Anna Hill - June 27, 2015


Chris - June 29, 2015

Help Teaching (www.helpteaching.com) is great resource for those looking for common core aligned Math and ELA worksheets.

Anonymous - July 11, 2015

I m agree with your program

Anna Hill - July 30, 2015


VocabularySpellingCity - August 23, 2015

We would love to be added to your list. We have a free membership and a premium membership. https://www.spellingcity.com/teachers-overview.html

Anamika Sinha - September 2, 2015

Great work. http://www.edugain.com is another good website for printable Math worksheets.

Erin Gaudet - September 10, 2015

Edmodo! I use it with my middle school students – it is very user friendly and a great way of communicating (and saving paper!)

http://51jsj.com/blog/member.asp?action=view&memName=DelphiaSherwood - September 14, 2015

I need to to thank you for this wonderful read!! I certainly loved every bit of it.
I have got you saved as a favorite to look at
new things you post…

hawzhin - November 14, 2015

most of the websites ask for money ,why there is not free good website !!!

    Linda Kardamis - November 17, 2015

    There are some great websites out there that are free and quite a few of these are. But when you think about it, someone has to put a lot of time into creating an awesome website & resources. And unless they are already a millionaire, they need to make an income somehow. People can start a website on the side while they still have a full-time job. But if they want to get serious about creating an amazing website they can’t do with just a few hours a week. They need to do it full-time, which means it has to make money.

      Ellen D - July 6, 2018

      Technology Integration blog by Erin Flanagan ERintegration is found on TPT and has been very helpful for a school library with a small budget

    The Virtual teacher - December 30, 2016

    TeacherSherpa- it’s amazing!

Chris Dillon - December 5, 2015

Hi All,

I am contacting with regards to my educational site for primary school teachers and children http://www.teachingcave.com. It is a site which offers a variety of free and paid resources for primary school teachers and parents.

I am a primary school teacher based in Northern Ireland and TeachingCave.com is based on the NI Curriculum (although we have members worldwide). The site has been designed so that children can navigate easily through the areas of learning to find the learning games and resources they need.


Gabriela - December 15, 2015

Kahoot is a great website to use with the kids in school!! You can make your own games or use public ones and duplicate to make them your own. It requires access to an iPad or a smartphone. It is GREAT!! The students go to kahoot.it and wait for a game pin that you project for them on the screen from the getkahoot website. They answer questions by tapping the right color of the choice on their device. They compete through speed and accuracy. The kids LOVE it!!! There is fun music and the ability to upload images and videos. Buena Suerte!!

nadene - December 19, 2015

ResponsiveClassroom.org – best classroom management system ever

D. Singer - December 27, 2015

For our special needs students, http://www.AutismEducators.com offers tons of free activities, a free IEP goal bank (with FREE customized goal writing now available through their Pinterest and Facebook page), and a Teacher’s Wish List where items are purchased for you!

Edward Shane - April 1, 2016

This a great resource for teachers! Would you mind adding our website?

Hoot of Loot
A FREE website for teachers to buy and sell used teaching supplies.

Meghna - April 22, 2016

teachervision.com is pretty good for printables and worksheets

Bishwo Nath Kandel - April 23, 2016

Thank you for this beautiful collection…. I have been going through it and its really useful. One may get ideas as well to modify the things given as per the context.
Thanks again!

Marilyn Gleason - May 18, 2016

Great List! I appreciate the time you put into pulling this together. There are a few resources I was not aware of before.

Bill Mckechnie - May 27, 2016

All teachers would benefit from my life saving skills eBook on amazon kindle.

Please visit my website and watch video slide show of First Aid in Rhyme.

You will see email I received from Debra Wind on behalf of Nicky Morgan suggesting I contact learning providers, colleges and local authorities to share details of it.

Naomi Williamson - July 18, 2016

Point Production and Design Teacher Resources. Be sure to check out http://www.pointpro.com.au for quality downloadable teaching resources. New resources are being added regularly.

Graham East - August 19, 2016

Typing Tournament Online http://www.typingtournament.com is a new web service designed to teach children to type. It is suitable for use both at home and school and operates on Mac and PC computers, iPads and Surface and Android tablets. Typing Tournament Online has been over 12 years in development building on the old CD based product Typing Tournament. The powerful new version is totally transformed with over 100 enhancements that make it easier for children to learn to type and more powerful for teachers. It is full of innovative features that combine to help children use the right fingers on the right keys and motivate them to learn and is informed by our in-class research program. It supports children to work independently by reading aloud the key instructions. Uniquely it uses a bespoke on-screen keyboard to overcome the serious issues arising with the inbuilt soft keyboards on mobile devices. It uses a powerful combination of mastery learning, teaching sequences and games to motivate children to learn the vital skill of keyboarding. Typing Tournament Online can be used anywhere there is an internet connection. The fully featured school management system allows the importation of lists of children and has advanced report that put teachers in control. Typing Tournament Online is a truly revolutionary service that empowers children to learn the vital skill of 10 finger typing.

Janet Pinto - September 22, 2016


Lavern Hollis - September 30, 2016

http://www.thisreadingmama.com has some great resources

son j - October 22, 2016

nice one https://teach4theheart.com/

Jael Penn - December 4, 2016

Please consider adding my Dyslexia & Intervention Coach website. It has a lot of info for teachers about kids who learn differently or struggle to read. Thank you for your consideration and God bless.

    Linda Kardamis - December 6, 2016

    We’d love for you to share your website with a comment. Let us know what it is 🙂

İngilizce Oyunlar - December 4, 2016

Thanks a lot. I’m going to have a look at them.

Sandy - February 13, 2017

We have a great education site The Classroom
Check it out!

John - February 18, 2017

For basic facts about different countries, I use http://nationfacts.net with my students.

Jill - February 26, 2017


Leonelle - March 19, 2017

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on work from
home careers. Regards

Anonymous - March 22, 2017

When God created the kindergarten teacher
When God created the kindergarten teacher, he was already the sixth day of working overtime.
Then the angel appears and says, “Lord, how long are you going to do with this character?”
And God said, “Have you seen this special order – should be easy to maintain, but shall not be made of plastic,
that has 160 moving parts, must have nerves like steel cables,
and a lap that can simultaneously sit ten children, and yet that can sit on a small children’s chair
she must have her back that which all can endure, and to live predominantly in bowed position.
Her consolation must heal all from lumps on thear head to the pain on the soul, must have six pairs of hands. ”
The angel shook his head and said, “Six pairs of hands, but that’s impossible!”
“the hands are not the problem,” said God, “but three sets of eyes, that teacher must have.”
“Is that the standard model?” the angel asked
God nods affirmatively : “One pair that sees through closed doors, wile she asks: What are you doing there? And she already knew everything.
Another couple at the back, with which she sees what should not, but what she has to know.
and at the end, Of course the two eyes forward, which can look a child that is behaving impossible, and she still says:
I understand you and i love you very much – without excuses and even one word. ”
“O Lord!” Angel pulled God’s sleeve, “Go to sleep and continue tomorrow.”
“I can not” God replied, “I’m close to create something that somewhat resembles.
I’ve managed her to heal herself when she is sick, to 30 children can satisfy with only one birthday cake,
to a 6-year-olds can be persuaded to wash his hands before eating,
to 3-year-olds convince that plasticine is not edible and his legs i conceived as a tool for running and not for hitting. ”
The angel circled slowly around the model of teacher, and sighed: “too soft.”
“But toughened,” replied energetically God “You can not believe what this teacher can endure.”
“Can she think?”
“Not only think, but also to judge and make compromises, and forget!”
Finally the angel bent over and slide his finger over the face of the model:
“There’s something leaking, I said to you, Lord, that in this model you trying to cram too much.”
“It is not leaking, it’s a tear.”
“And what does it serve?”
“For the joy, sorrow, disappointment, pain and loneliness.”
“You really are a genius, Lord!” said Angel ..

Eric Stevens - March 26, 2017

All very true and useful information, Thank You for this! I would like to share that while everyone knows that Skype can be a powerful tool for homeschooling and online learning but have you heard about Zoom webinar software and real time whiteboard for building custom whiteboards for the English learning classroom? I have been using Skype for business English lessons as a business English teacher and it is so much better to have one-on-one lessons to help students learn language. Now, I have discovered Zoom I don’t think I will ever go back to Skype. Please be sure to give Zoom and real time whiteboard a try they are useful tools to consider.

youtube0mp3 - May 31, 2017

A lot of teachers have been using it for Teaching students about the legislative process, Finding a piece of legislation by identifying issues you care about, and writing a persuasive essay about it, and Helping students understand how current events lead to new bills.

LAILA KABANI - August 13, 2017


Free Printables for the Classroom!

Dara - August 31, 2017

Thank You so much for these awesome websites and resources!!

Dipanshu Dutta - November 6, 2017

These are some of the great educational resources for the kids. I am going to use these resources for my nephew for his studies. One of the resources which I am using and not part of the list. They are providing free thanksgiving, Christmas colorful, story-based and printable math worksheets which are useful for teachers, homeschooling mothers, parents who want kids to practice math in a fun way. The link is given below


Thanks for sharing your resources.

chandan - December 14, 2017

Include a website http://www.beyondteaching.com/ It is a leading site on the news, Jobs, stories, innovation and blogging for the teachers.

Drazen Klecina - January 12, 2018

I’d like to suggest Gabriel’s Seeds http://www.gabrielsseeds.eu – learning apps generator that makes so easy to create personalized and engaging online lessons (K-3) in minutes.

Savas - January 16, 2018

Great list! Lots of resources here as well: http://www.brightclassroomideas.com/2017/04/23/top-50-edublogs-2017/.

Lamarcus - January 21, 2018

Educator Resource Academy

They provide resources for ESL and special education students. Students can take online courses to help with different subjects. You can also ask them to create a course for you.


ETO - February 8, 2018

Thanks for this great list. You can add https://www.englishtestsonline.com/ to list for English teachers and learners.

Maya Trevino - March 19, 2018

Thatquiz is a really cool math website where it also calculates the average grade! Makes stuff easier for you! Also my lowest grade students, Sheetal and Hans Raj are doing well in class too!

vicky - April 18, 2018

awesome websites and resources!!

Phyllis - May 10, 2018

Hi! My husband’s website ToyTheater.com is chock full of educational games for kids and virtual manipulatives for teachers. The focus is on K-3 but fun for older kids too, even fun games for teachers. Totally free to use and really high quality (not that I’m biased or anything 🙂 ).

Roger - June 22, 2018

Got to know about a new website http://www.grade1to6.com and they are amazing with nice worksheets of English and Maths. It has worksheets only upto grade 6. We used it for our new batch of students and they loved it.

Roger - June 22, 2018

One amazing website we use is http://www.grade1to6.com.

Paul - July 22, 2018

I use http://www.classroomhelpers.com for my worksheets! Makes random pages that my students have to solve for themselves, and can’t copy their friends

Dad - August 2, 2018

If you’re looking for quality math resources, including worksheets, animated teaching calculators and more, I’d invite you to visit https://www.dadsworksheets.com! The site is completely free and doesn’t even require a registration or sign-up to access all the printed materials. There are over 8000 printable PDF math worksheets with answer keys, animated teaching calculators for long division, multiplication, factoring, and so much more… I hope you’ll stop by and say hello!

Joe Davis - September 21, 2018

Great article to align teachers with modern day teaching.

Tanya Matthews - October 16, 2018


Great blog and list!

The Highly Effective Teacher has hundreds of practical solutions to:

Teacher Wellbeing
Classroom Management
Building Relationships
Engaging Students
High Expectations
Social and Emotional Learning
Skills for listening
Teaching SEL

Happy exploring 🙂

Anonymous - October 17, 2018


Vicky - December 22, 2018

Really helpful for teachers.keep up the good work.

free books download pdf - January 10, 2019

Free Learning Websites – Welcome to Bibloteka free Study Materials websites. If you get much advance study Materials then get free books to download pdf and much more.

Robert Topp - January 11, 2019

Designed to give parents and teachers resources for encouraging a love of reading in their children, https://readmeastoryink.com has over 120 free printable stories by award winning authors perfect for reading aloud at the elementary level. It also includes recommended reading lists for various ages, links to other wonderful children’s site and a growing number of audio stories perfect for family or classroom listening.

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