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​40 Hour Teacher Workweek Review by
​​A Current Member, Sarah Humes​​​

40 Hour Teacher Workweek Review

WHO:  Sarah Humes, Wife to David, Mom to 2, 2nd Year Spanish Teacher, and a Customer Experience Manager at Teach 4 the Heart

WHY:  If something did not change, I was not going to be able to keep teaching

WHAT she loves:  I love that this is not something else on my to-do list.  I love that I have become a better teacher.  But most of all, I love that my family sees that they are a priority now.

HOW has she improved:  I am so much better at lesson plans, much more organized, and truly better at guarding my time for my family.

WHEN did she see the difference:  Almost immediately.  I love the bonuses. They are an amazing starting point for an eager member to get started!  And the list making system and the Big 5 are AMAZING!  I started the year STRONG, and I know I could not have survived the pandemic without the club.


Listen as Sarah's 11-year-old daughter Lydia shares her observations of her mom's work/life balance and how it's changed as a result of the 40 Hour Teacher Workweek Club:

Sarah loves to chat! Email her here to ask her questions about the club!

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40 Hour Teacher Workweek Review by
A Club Graduate, Elizabeth Chapman

40 Hour Teacher Workweek Review

​Elizabeth Chapman has been sharing her amazing journey with us from beginning to end.  I love how she summed up her journey from “Barely Surviving to Thriving.”  Wouldn’t you love to describe your teaching career as Thriving? 

Part 1: Why I Joined

Listen to Elizabeth share what life looked like before the club - and why she felt balance was worth fighting for!

Part 2:  What I'm Learning

Listen to Elizabeth share key takeaways & insights from her first 6 months in the club.

Part 3: What's Made the Difference 

Two years after joining, Elizabeth's life looks totally different! Listen as she shares the habits, systems & mindset shifts that made it happen.

Elizabeth, super busy teacher & mom of 2, shares her honest experience in this 40 Hour Teacher Workweek video review:

40 Hour Teacher Workweek Review by
The Founder of Teach 4 the Heart, Linda Kardamis

40 Hour Teacher Workweek Review

Linda is committed to helping teachers find PRACTICAL solutions, and this club is FULL of them!

Linda has been a member and an ambassador of the club since the very beginning!

She knows the importance of high quality life lines for teachers----and knows for certain that Angela’s work is just that!

Allow Linda to take you on a video review of all the club has to offer!  (And give you a peek at some of the recent changes the club has made!)

ANGELA WATSON, The Creator of the 40 Hour Teacher Workweek

40 Hour Teacher Workweek Review

Angela is passionate about helping teachers find real solutions, which is why she founded the 40 Hour Teacher Workweek Club back in 2015.

She's spent 11 years as a classroom teacher and 12 more as an instructional coach and educational consultant. She designed this program based on what worked for her as a teacher, and spent years refining the strategies based on what she's observed through supporting club members.

This club is proving that you CAN be a great teacher without sacrificing everything for the job. There IS a more sustainable approach to this work, so you can keep doing what you love, without burning out.

Angela personally guarantees that you will feel less stressed and overwhelmed, and more prepared and organized. And, you’ll begin setting up systems that enable you trim 10+ hours off your workweek. If not, you can request your money back. For real.

Still not sure if a club can really help? Angela answers your concerns here:


What's included in the 40 Hour Teacher Workweek Club?

An amazing PD program that will help you trim 3, 5, even 10+ hours off your work week!

​​A monthly focus with weekly focus points!

​​PDFs and AUDIO FILES of all the material so you can consume content YOUR WAY!

​​The encouragement to implement one tip at a time!

​​An accompanying Facebook Group

​​Printables that help streamline your classroom

​​Bonus material that kicks off the club---AND YOUR PRODUCTIVITY!

​And much more!

You Can See for Yourself!

Want a preview of what you get as a member? Download this free guide from the club, which will help you....

  • > ​Learn how to choose a target number of hours to work each week & stick to it.
  • > ​Learn how to allot your hours throughout the week in a schedule that works for your life.
  • > ​Start finding balance as you intentionally schedule your work and family time.
  • > AND gives you a closer hands-on look at what the club has to offer!


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​Sarah's Review

Who I Am and Why I Joined

How many times did you cry your first year of teaching? My answer to this question is way higher than the 180 days of school. As embarrassing as it is to admit, I cried at school, on my way home from school, and sometimes as I fell asleep. It was not because I did not love my job---I did! I knew that I was supposed to be there, and that God had opened multiple doors for me to have the opportunity.

But, after ten years of working from home, and running my own business, I was now working for someone else, I was away from my home and my family, and there was A LOT to do. Every day. I was not prepared for the strain of classroom management, lesson plans, grading, commuting 80 minutes a day, staff meetings, trainings, and the unexpected assignment of early care (meaning I arrived at the school earlier than any other staff member to care for students before school started).

To top the daily stressors off, both my husband and my youngest child were rather vocal about their dislike of my new position and workload. When I was at school, I felt so ALIVE! I had never known how good it could feel to use my gifts of teaching and Spanish together like that. I was a lively and engaging teacher---and there were new things I brought to the classroom. I craved learning all the new things I could about the school, the people there, and how to become the BEST teacher I could be.

However, as the bag I would bring home became heavier, so did my heart. I felt like I was letting my family down. They were just so unhappy that our house was not as neat as it used to be. I was not cooking amazing meals like I once did, there was no one to chaperone field trips, and now my husband had to start taking off work for tasks like the kids' dentists appointments. It was a HUGE shift. And, with me grading tests on the weekends, checking homework in the evenings, and doing my best to learn how to write lesson plans--basically all the time--I was not a lot of fun. Guilt and stress do not lead to the world’s best mom award.

40 Hour Teacher Workweek Review
Something Had to Change

I knew if I was going to continue teaching, for the sake of my happiness, and the sake of my precious family, I would need to do something different. Life was too chaotic and I was falling short in many areas. I heard about the 40 Hour Teacher Workweek Club through Teach 4 the Heart and I knew this was a chance to move in the right direction. I had purchased online courses before, and I am a highly motivated individual, so I knew with Angela providing the outline, I would make progress.

I did have to do a little convincing on my husband’s part that the price of the club was worth it, but he knew if I was asking for it, it must be worth it! Within a month, he was in full agreement that it had been worth it.

40 Hour Teacher Workweek Review
What Differences I Saw

As soon as I joined, I felt instant hope. WHY? Because as soon as you join, you have immediate access to the BIG 5 and other bonuses! Angela has several bonuses that make an amazing difference in your productivity and propel you forward. I will admit, I am not always consistent at following them, but when I need a reboot, I return to the bonus section. This valuable section has been a lifesaver!

I liked having the Big 5 available because I needed that initial “something” to work on with my adrenaline and momentum. It was hard to see all the months ahead of me, seeing what they are about, and wanting to change ALL THE THINGS right then and there. But, Angela knows what she is doing. I COULD have had access to those things right away, but I just was not ready yet. I needed to go slow. I needed to pace myself.

I found hope in knowing that this was not a 1 and done program. I was learning little things that I could implement here and there. And that I could keep having access to the program for years to come. That took so much pressure off. I did not have to be perfect (BIG SIGH!) I could just do my best, and try again bit by bit. It was so nice to have something low pressure to make progress on.

40 Hour Teacher Workweek Review
My Favorite Parts

November, the lesson planning month, stands out as one that will forever impact me. I have learned so much about planning out my lesson plans, batching, and using materials wisely. Angela even helped me learn how to ORGANIZE my materials, which saves hours of my time.

I also loved February. I learned how to connect with the parents at my school more effectively. This is a big deal since I teach K-12 Spanish. This year, I just started with 9-10 grade Spanish since I could practice with a small group of students and get proficient with the tools I chose for next year. I understand the app I have chosen for parent communication, several parents are on board (not all, but a lot), and my confidence has risen.

I LOVE waking up on Saturday mornings to a fresh email in my inbox from Angela. The great thing is when it arrives, I do not feel like I have something else to do. It feels like I GET to do this! And, it just has become part of my routine. (I actually listen to Angela while I take my shower on Saturdays!) Most of the implementation that she mentions just happens as I go along my normal routines. Since the motto of the club is small changes add up to big results, that is exactly how I have worked the club. And I have never once felt overwhelmed (with the club! Now... I still occasionally feel overwhelmed with life, teaching, and everything else... let's be real.)

If I could go back and change anything from this year, I wish I would have utilized the Facebook group more than I did. I know there are so many amazing and wise people there. I am just now discovering the wealth of information that is there.

Looking back, joining last summer was amazing. I had the opportunity to learn so much about how to set up my classroom, how to get my “head in the game” before school started, and how to plan for success. I also had this HUGE takeaway-- there is a big difference between planning and executing. And, oftentimes we mesh the two. The club has given me the space and the freedom to plan, to execute, then to reflect, then to tweak. It is not about getting it perfect the first time around. As a parent and as a teacher, this is the exact kind of learning I want to teach and model-- which is why I am thrilled to be a student of Angela’s, and I plan on continuing to learn from her in the club’s graduate program!

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