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Classroom Management Training for Educators

No more searching! Find out everything you need in just one hour.

Frustration ends here.

Three weeks ago most of us had never even heard of Zoom. Now it's the new normal. ​

But while we're grateful for the technology, it's not without its challenges - especially for teachers.

Getting signed up initially is easy! (I show you how in this 7-minute video here.) But no sooner are you set up than a host of new issues appear...

  • Can I use a virtual whiteboard?
  • Why can't student see my screen?
  • Is there a way to keep students from causing unncessary distractions?
  • What about privacy concerns?

Thankfully, my friend Adrianne Meldrum knows the answer to all these questions! She's been teaching & tutoring with Zoom for years & has quickly put together a training to help you navigate these important questions.

Click here to view a FREE lesson on Choosing the Right Zoom Settings 

This lesson is just one part of the amazing training Adrianne's assembled. 

You also receive....​​​​

  • An example COPPA consent form
  • Detailed & easy-to-follow instructions for how to set everything up
  • Recommendations for how to make a virtual class engaging 
  • And so much more!

If you don't have the time or mental energy to figure all this out yourself, this training will teach you everything you need to know in just one hour!

SAVE 50%

To help teachers and schools during this challenging time, Adrianne is generously offering 50% off through June 1.

Make sure you use the code homelearning to receive this special discount.​​

A payment plan is also available.


No, it's not. And here's why....

This is not a simple quick tutorial.  This is an all-in-one solution that will save you tons of time and frustration and get you set up & working effectively in about an hour. 

My friend Adrianne has taken years of experience to learn all of this, and she is offering her incredible expertise at a very reasonable price - especially with the 50% code above!

I hope this program will be the answer you've been looking for, and I wouldn't be recommending it if I didn't truly believe it was worth every penny!

That said, I don't really think that you as the teacher should be required to pay for a training like this, so please consider asking your administrator to purchase enrollment for you - or to grab a school license for everyone!  Simply send them to teach4theheart.com/zoom to find out more & get started.

In the meantime, scroll down to view two free sample lessons.

And if your admin doesn't go for it, I know it'll be well worth this small investment due to all the time, frustration, and mental energy it will save you!


Click the links below to view FREE lessons from the course:

Choosing the Right Zoom Settings 

Inviting Students to Zoom


​Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

​When does the course start & end?

How long does it take?

Do you cover COPPA privacy issues?

​Other questions?

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