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"There is just something different about hearing encouragement, challenges, and refreshment from people who have been in and understand the education field AND are Christians."


Hi! I’m Linda Kardamis, former math teacher and founder of Teach 4 the Heart.  

As part of my calling to uplift educators everywhere, I've written three books: Create Your Dream ClassroomTake Heart & Teach, and Teach Uplifted. I'm also the creator of online courses such as Classroom Management 101 and the Teach 4 the Heart Mentorship, and our Teach 4 the Heart Podcast is enjoyed by a growing number of educators. 

Over the last nine years, we've helped over 21,000 teachers improve their classroom management and find the teaching solutions they need, and we are excited to work with your teachers, too.

Linda Kardamis is the creator of Pray & Plan: the planner for Christian teachers


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