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Respectful, Responsible and Engaged (Reversed)


Thursday, July 25
8:30pm EST

(5:30pm PST)

Discover 5 steps to end the battles & get your students excited to learn

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Are you tired of the constant struggle? Even if you’ve got the basics of classroom management down, trying to get our students to be responsible, work hard, focus, and respect each other (and you) can often feel like fighting a losing battle.

Disrespect, apathy, blank stares - it's certainly not what we anticipated when we got into teaching. No, we dreamed about leading passionate discussions with students who were excited about learning.

We imagined ourselves building meaningful relationships that enabled us to make a real difference in our students' lives and create a classroom culture of respect, trust, and responsibility.

It’s not impossible, my friend. You CAN get you & your students working together on the same team. And that's exactly what we'll do in this training.

In this FREE training, you'll learn how to....

  • ​Earn your students' respect
  • Easily build relationships with challenging students
  • Get your students excited to learn
  • Help your students take responsibility for their own learning
  • End the arguments in your classroom for good
  • And much more!

Over 5,931 teachers have benefited from our live trainings. Here's what a few of them had to say:

extremely helpful


Thank you so much for this seminar! This was EXTREMELY helpful for a first year teacher.

I loved every minute!


Linda … thank you for a very impressive hour session: 07.24.18! I loved every minute of your very informative class! Watch out 101 … here we come!


The Teach Without Anxiety training was great and encouraging. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only teacher who has these problems, but I see it's something that all teachers deal with and there is a way to work them out. Thank you.

About Your Instructor

Linda Kardamis

Linda Kardamis

My early days as a middle school math teacher resembled a roller coaster of highs and lows, successes and utter failures.

Thankfully, through sound advice, a bit of trial and error, and much prayer, I gradually learned how to keep my students attention, and I started to believe I could actually do this.

But even after I got to the point where my class was (for the most part) controlled & on-task, I still sometimes felt like I was fighting with them - trying to force them to learn against their will.

Thankfully, teaching is a journey of continued growth, of seeking out even better ways to engage our students and impact their lives.

The ideas I'm going to share in the training hold the power to transform your classroom into a place where respect, responsibility & engagement are the norm and your students are excited to learn.  You won't want to miss them!

See you there!

Don't miss this EXCLUSIVE training.

Thursday, July 25
8:30pm EST

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