Have you created awesome resources
that you'd love to see others teachers using?

(and maybe make a little money on the side, too!)

If so, you have 2 choices:

Choice 1: Do it yourself

You can start your own store on a website like Teachers pay Teachers. You make money every time a teacher buy's your resource.

This option is great if you're willing to put a WHOLE LOT of time & effort into 1) getting your resources ready to sell and 2) promoting your resources so people can actually find & buy them.  You also need to be patient - it takes awhile before you actually make any money.

Choice 2: Sell them to us

You can sell the commercial rights to your resource to us. You get paid a flat fee up front & we do all the work preparing & promoting it.

This option is great if you DON'T want to take all the time & effort necessary to promote your resource - and/or you could use some cash NOW.



Update your resource.

Edit your resource.

Design a beautiful cover.

Set up your store.

Create a free resource.

Take pictures of your resource.

Set up social media accounts for your store.

Start a blog.

Write blog posts.

Check for copyright infringement

Add directions.

Create a resource preview

Write a detailed description.

Upload your resource.

Create promo images.

Post regularly on social media

Learn new ways to promote your resources.

Be patient & persistent

If all this sounds exciting to you then GO FOR IT! It truly is rewarding.

But if you're overwhelmed and exhausted just looking at that to-do list,


The good news is that your amazing resources don't have to waste away in the back corner of your closet or the forgotten folders of your computer - only to emerge once a year when you (finally) get around to teaching that one topic.

You can get your amazing resources into the hands of hundreds of students & teachers

>>>  WITHOUT all the extra work  <<<

  AND make some money too!

retire comfortably as a teacher

Okay, maybe you won't exactly be rolling in Benjamins. But every little bit helps, right!? 

And why not? You put the time & effort into going the extra mile for your students & creating something awesome. 

We'd like to reward you for that.

And share your amazing resource with the world.

And, yes, we will hopefully make a profit at some point, too.

How's that for a win, win, win?

Why are we doing this?

As a teacher, you know how hard it can be to find the best resources for your class - and it's even harder to tell if they're going to align with your Biblical values.

At the same time, you've already created awesome resources that many other teachers would love to have access to.

You have something others are looking for. And others have something you're looking for.

At Teach 4 the Heart, we'd love to take all our best ideas & create a curated offering of fantastic teaching resources - all of which are consistent with Biblical values and truths.

Okay, I'm intrigued. So how does it work?

1) You send us a copy of your resource.

You provide us with some basic information about your resource & send us a copy to look over. At this point, you are NOT agreeing to sell it and we are NOT agreeing to buy it. You're saying you're interested in selling it - and we'll take a look to see if we're interested in buying it.

2) We decide if your resource is a good fit for our store

Next, we look over your resource to determine if we think it's a good fit for our store. If we love it & think we can sell it, we'll get in touch with you for more details.

3) We agree on a price & purchase the right to sell your resource.

You receive a single, up front payment &  sign over the rights to sell this resource. This means that while you retain the right to use the product in your own school & classroom, you no longer have the rights to sell this resource to anyone else.

4) We go to work getting your resource ready.

We'll go through all the steps above to get your resource ready to sell. You don't have to worry about this step at all - unless we've asked for (& you've agreed to give) your feedback or direction on certain steps. 

5) We release your updated resource & start promoting it

Your resource is released to the world & we start promoting and sharing it through the channels & resources we've already built up & continue to build.

6) Teachers & students LOVE your resource

You get a huge smile from knowing that your resource is being used & loved in classrooms around the world

Yes, I'd like to submit a resource!

If you have an amazing resource you'd love to share with the world, you can submit it by clicking the button here:

What Kind of Resource are You Looking For?

We'll be honest - this is a new idea for us. So right now we're just interested to see your best resources - whatever they area. 

But we also have a few ideas for what we're most excited about. Please don't think your resource needs to meet all this criteria to be considered. Not at all. But if you DO have something that sounds like one of these, that's even better.

We're MOST interested in resources that....

  • Appeal to a wide range of teachers. A resource that can be used in multiple grades and/or subjects is better than something that is only for one specific type of teacher.
  • Can be used throughout the year - not just one time. In other words, a large resource that covers the whole year - or a set of resources that go together is better than a single one-off resource that can only be used for one specific topic. For example, a set of review games (one for each chapter in your curriculum) is better than one single review game over an isolated topic. Or that's used repeatedly throughout the year - like a semester or a year's worth of bell ringers - would be great too.
  • Discuss a topic from a Biblical perspective. We'd LOVE to work with resources that discuss academic, seasonal, or character education topics from a Biblical perspective. These could come in two forms: overtly Biblical resources for the Christian school, and/or resources for the public school that contain no reference to Scripture but nonetheless approach the topic from a solid Biblical perspective.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What happens after I submit a resource?

Am I committing to anything when I submit my resource?

Who exactly is buying these resources?

How do I know if you're going to purchase my resource?

When do I get paid?

I have another question.

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