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Subject Line: Please make the subject line of your email:    "Resource Submission:  _____(name of our resource)____"

Please include the following information in your email.  It is helpful if you can number each question as they are listed here:

​1. Describe your resource (For what/when is it used? What are its benefits?)

2. What subject/grade levels is this resource designed for?

3. What all is included in this resource? Is it a stand-alone resource or do you have other similar resources you would be willing to sell?

4. Is this resource your own original work? (If it is derived from something else or was a collaborative effort with someone else, please explain.)

5. What would you hope to sell this resource for?

You are NOT agreeing to sell it for this amount. We just need a basic idea to see if we are in the same ballpark. For example, if you say you need $3000 and we were thinking $30, we won't bother wasting either of our time :) You can give a range (e.g. $50-$100) if you'd like.

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Include your resource as an attachment in the email. We will NOT use your resource in any form without first getting your permission.   (Note: If your resource is extremely large, please send over a sample and include additional information in your email about what else is included in the full resource. Alternately, you could upload your resource to Google Drive & include a link in your email to view it.)

Thank you! We can't wait to review your resource.

**If you have any specific questions, please email me separately at Please do NOT include questions in your resource submission email. **