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Interactive professional development workshops that equip your team and elevate teacher performance

Interactive • On-Demand • 90-Minutes Each 


On-demand videos facilitate a complete interactive experience where teachers not only learn best practices but also complete activities and discussions to apply what they are learning to their own classrooms.

Each 90-minute workshop contains two 45-minute videos.  

This means you can split up or stack workshops together to fit perfectly in shorter PD sessions or longer PD days.

Prep is easy & quick. Simply review the admin tips, distribute teacher notes, and push play! From there, watch as your teachers are guided through an interactive workshop that up-levels their skills and grows their collaboration.

Bring in a world-class experience & expert-level best-practices
without the cost of flying in an expert!

Single workshop: $297 each
2+ workshops: $249 each
or unlock all 4 workshops with a school license

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Interactive • On-Demand • 90-Minutes Each 

Classroom Management 101 Workshop #1

Foundations for Success

Engage veteran and new teachers alike in this collaborative workshop where teachers develop foundational classroom management skills  that are key to creating a conducive learning environment. Time is provided for teachers to collaborate as they discuss strategies, exchange ideas, and apply what they're learning to their unique classroom situations.

Classroom Management 101 Workshop #2

Expectations & Procedures

Optimize your school's classroom management in Workshop 2! Teachers define expectations, select effective procedures, and design positive reinforcement strategies as they begin crafting the first half of their comprehensive classroom management plan.

This workshop also provides a wonderful opportunity for teacher teams to collaborate and for veterans to support newer teachers.

Prioritize success—complete Workshop #1 before advancing to this session. 

Classroom Management 101 Workshop #3

Responding to Misbehavior

Elevate your school's discipline approach with Workshop 3.  Teachers pinpoint logical consequences and strategize responses to misbehavior to construct the second half of their comprehensive classroom management plan. Staff will walk away with a refined discipline toolkit, ready to implement effective strategies in their classrooms.

Prioritize success—complete Workshops #1 and #2 before advancing to this session.

Classroom Management 101 Workshop #4

Breaking Bad Habits with a Classroom Reset

Empower your teachers to address specific classroom management frustrations in this 2-part workshop.  Staff will draft personalized plans to reorient troublesome behavior trends and ensure implementation that doesn't get sidelined by student chaos.

Prioritize success—complete Workshops #1, #2 and #3 before advancing to this session.


Receive Access to EVERY CM101 WORKSHOP with a....

Classroom Management 101 School License

🍎 Individual accounts access to Teach 4 the Heart's Classroom Management 101 Course for all current & future teachers

🍎 Step-by-step guidance as teachers create their comprehensive written Classroom Management Plan

🍎 6-Months complimentary membership in Teach 4 the Heart PLUS for every teacher

🍎 BONUS: Beyond Classroom Management bonus course

🍎 BONUS: Back-to-School bonus module

🍎 PLUS: Access all the workshops above as the COMPLETE CM101 School Workshop Series included at no additional charge!

“Classroom Management 101 is a wonderful course that logically and systematically takes you through the process to design a classroom management plan customized for your specific needs and students. ”

- Jerry, Classroom Management 101 student


Our trainings & resources will always be to-the-point, practical, solution-focused, and grounded in Biblical truth.

100% Money Back Guarantee
Money Back Guarantee

I don't want anyone to worry about investing in these school workshops. If for any reason you're unhappy with the results you get from these workshops, just let me know within 30 days and I'll issue you a full refund.


Hi! I’m Linda Kardamis, former teacher and founder of Teach 4 the Heart. I know firsthand how overwhelming teaching can be - and how paralyzing it can feel to have so much you want to do and feel unprepared to do it all.

God guided me with His wisdom as I worked out my kinks in the classroom and that made all the difference. That's why I've made it my mission to support as many teachers as possible. Teachers truly are Christ's ambassadors, and I'm passionate about sharing His Word, practical strategies & encouragement so they can keep going without burning out! 

Linda Kardamis is the creator of Pray & Plan: the planner for Christian teachers

“Well worth the money since it actually gives you time to build a plan/refine it if needed, gives you practical advice, and discusses actual topics that newer or struggling teachers have on a daily basis.

- Nancy P., Classroom Management 101 student


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