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Be ready to handle whatever your students throw at you!


  • Rude and disrespectful comments happen all the time and you don't know how to deal with them.
  • You're interrupted over and over by blurting and side conversations that don't respond to correction.
  • Your warnings and redirections are ignored and giving consequences turns into a fight.
  • Students repeatedly push boundaries and you find yourself giving in more often than not.
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even veteran teachers are frustrated right now. 

HAVING A written plan can HELP turn things around!

Create a classroom management plan that fosters respect & helps students focus

"Making a plan is one thing. But actually writing it is another."

Teach 4 the Heart

 - Becky

Thumbs up!

You can stop fearing the next discipline issue and feel confident that you know how to address whatever comes your way.

You can reduce disruptions and get to the point where you can actually teach and your students can focus & learn.

And you can do all of this with consistency and flexibility so you can continue teaching for years to come!

The Respectful Classroom Workbook helps you build a thorough classroom management system that:
  • Clearly defines your expectations and the procedures that support them
  • Includes positive reinforcement & encouragement
  • Prioritizes logical consequences when you need to progress beyond a warning
  • Intentionally considers how you'll respond to misbehavior so you don't just react
  • And much more!
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"This forced me to make decisions about every part of my classroom management system."

Teach 4 the Heart

 - Kim

Questions Provide Clarity!

No matter what you teach, you need to have an answer for these key questions, and the Respectful Classroom Workbook will help you answer them!

  • What behaviors do you expect of your students? What can they expect from you?
  • Which procedures will keep your class running like clockwork and guard your precious time?
  • What positive reinforcement will you use to encourage on-task behavior?
  • How will you respond to misbehavior so you don't just react in the moment?
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The Respectful Classroom Workbook gives you space to consider all these things - and more!

This workbook is full of prompts to help you create a respectful classroom!

Classroom management can be so overwhelming - and it's often because we have no plan for how we're going to handle misbehavior. 

But when you sit down, get clarity, and write down your plan, you no longer have to stress! You can simply follow your plan, and that consistency results in consistent boundaries, better behavior, and a more respectful classroom.

This 15-page workbook will help you:

You'll receive 15 pages of curated prompts designed to help:

You'll get clear on exactly what behaviors are and are not acceptable in your classroom.

Plan which procedures provide opportunities for student ownership and support a healthy respect of your time.

Identify reasonable consequences that make sense for your students & school.

Clarify how you'll respond when students challenge & disobey so you aren't just reacting on the fly. 

when you're done you'll have a complete, effective plan!

- and way less stress!! - 

Great for Novice and Veteran Teachers Alike

Formally creating a behavior plan is well worth the time even if you think you know what yours is. This was a great refresher for a veteran teacher. I really needed the what-ifs especially.

Christine 6th and 7th grade teacher

Written Format is So Valuable!

Writing everything out is incredibly helpful and clarifying, especially the final section where we anticipate, think through and write out exactly how we will respond to each of a dozen scenarios. I'm a veteran K teacher, yet these specific situations have gotten my goat in the past.

Jessica kindergarten teacher

Not Having a Plan Was Causing Me Stress

This class forced me to make decisions about every part of my classroom management system. As I did so, I realized that I had been stressed because I did not have a complete plan before. I feel so much better going into the new school year!

Kim K-12 Spanish teacher

πŸ›‘ Don't let student behavior catch you off guard!

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The Respectful Classroom Workbook provides space so you can:

You'll consider 20 classroom scenarios and determine exactly what behavior demonstrates respect in your classroom. Think through situations such as:

  • When is talking permitted? At what level?
  • For which reasons may students leave their seats?
  • What do you expect from students regarding homework?

You'll solidify smart procedures for 24 common procedures such as:

  • Grading papers together in class
  • Communicating work with absent students
  • What to do if the teacher isn’t present

You'll identify reasonable consequences that make sense for your students. You'll consider questions like...

  •  Would a formal warning system help my students?
  • What school-wide consequences are available?
  • How will can I integrate positive reinforcement throughout the day?

You'll plan your response to 15+ common classroom misbehaviors so you aren't reacting on the fly. Consider scenarios such as: 

  • How you'll respond to unapproved cell phone use.
  • What you'll do when students disrespect you as teacher.
  • What happens when required classwork isn't completed?

The Respectful Classroom Workbook gives you space to consider all these things - and more!

your clear, thorough classroom management plan is within reach!

The classroom management workbook to help you foster respect & helps students focus


Hi! I’m Linda Kardamis, former teacher and founder of Teach 4 the Heart. I know what it's like to feel like a failure in your own classroom - to be lost and confused and have no idea what to do to turn things around. My first year teaching was a mess. Giving "the look" was about as far as I thought through having a plan but I didn't have anything for what would happen after that. Needless to say, it didn't take long for the effectiveness of that to run out.  

Praise God, He didn't leave me there. He led me to the solutions and strategies I needed to create a smooth-running classroom, and I'm so thankful He's allowed me to share those strategies with over 28,000 teaches - helping them improve their classroom management and regain their students' respect. I can't wait to hear how this workbook helps you create a respectful classroom, too!

Linda Kardamis teaching

"I have much more confidence and ownership over my classroom."

Teach 4 the Heart

 - Laura

This looks great... but I have some questions!

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

When do I get access to the workbook?

βœ” You'll get access to the workbook as soon as you check out! We'll add The Respectful Classroom Workbook to your account in our online learning portal and send you login instructions via email. You'll simply log in, download the workbook, and you're ready to begin!

Who is this workbook designed for?

βœ” This program is for K-12 teachers who want to create a more respectful classroom. It's been used successfully by veterans, newbies, classroom teachers, those who teach electives, and special education teachers and more! The workbook helps you create a plan that works for you and your teaching situation. 

What's included with my purchase?

βœ” The 16-page Respectful Classroom Workbook in two formats (printable PDF and editable Google Doc)

βœ”  An 8-minute introduction video that explains how to use the workbook

βœ” Two suggested completion timelines so you can finish your plan without feeling overwhelmed.

I don't have a Google account. Can I still access the workbook?

βœ” Yes! Your purchase provides you access to a printable PDF version of the workbook as well as the Google Doc version.
** Please note that the printable version is longer than the Google version to allow you plenty of room to write.

I'm a veteran teacher. Is this workbook going to be useful for me?

βœ” Yes! We've heard from multiple teachers who have been in the classroom for 10+ years that this workbook helped them identify both their strengths in the classroom as well as where they needed to shore up procedures. This workbook will help you get specific about the things that matter in your classroom.  Hear from actual customers below:

❀️ "It was beneficial to create a classroom management plan, even though I have been teaching for many years. It helped me to think through the things that I could improve."

- Karen

❀️ "Formally creating a behavior plan is well worth the time even if you think you know what yours is. This was a great refresher for a veteran teacher. I really needed the what-ifs especially." - Christine

How long will it take to complete the workbook?

βœ” You'll receive two recommended timetables to help you keep yourself on track as you complete the workbook, but in the end that's really up to you. Plan to spend about 2-5 hours total writing and revising your plan based on your experience level.

Can I get extra training if I'm unsure of ideas on a section of the plan (procedures, expectations, etc.)?

βœ” Yes! If you find your stress level rising because you’re not sure how you'll respond to any of the 70+ scenarios we mention in the workbook, then consider upgrading to The Teach 4 the Heart Mentorship. 

Inside the Mentorship, Teach 4 the Heart founder Linda Kardamis shares trainings and ideas for every stage along the way as she walks you step-by-step through writing your classroom management plan. Plus you'll receive You'll get a special limited-time offer to join the Mentorship at a drastically reduced rate when you purchase the Workbook so consider upgrading right away!

If I don't like this product can I get a refund?

βœ” Due to the digital nature of this product you will have 7 days from date of purchase to request a refund if you are unhappy with the workbook for any reason. 

How can I receive PD credit for completing the workbook?

βœ” You can receive a certificate of completion upon writing your classroom management plan when you upgrade to the Teach 4 the Heart Mentorship program. Head here to learn more about the Mentorship & to upgrade.

Can I purchase multiple licenses for my teachers?

βœ” Yes! Please email us at and let us know how many teachers will be participating so we can provide you with an appropriate discount.

Do you accept POs?

βœ” Of course! We are happy to accept purchase orders individual and/or school licenses. Simply email your PO to, and we will get you set up.

Still have questions?

βœ” Of course! We're happy to help! Email us at and someone on our team will get back to you within 2-3 business days.

The Respectful Classroom Workbook 

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