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Mentorship for new or struggling teachers so they can grow and succeed.

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A Need This Big Can't Fall Through the Cracks

New teachers rarely arrive with the skills they need to manage their classrooms well. And without good management, things can quickly spiral out of control. 

In the Teach 4 the Heart Mentorship, we help teachers develop and implement an effective classroom management plan so they can regain respect and inspire students for years to come.

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Without a plan, teachers often to struggle to...

  • Handle classroom issues on their own
  • Earn students' and parents' respect
  • Establish classroom routines & procedures
  • Maintain order in the classroom
  • Keep students focused & engaged

Creating a  good plan is the first step to build their skills and confidence, and we can help them do just that.

In the Mentorship, we help teachers develop and implement an effective classroom management plan so they can establish procedures, deal with issues, regain respect, and engage their students.

"Before, I never felt ‘secure’ in what to do or say and most of the time it was just muddling through!

Now I’m much more organized and learned to actually spend time on procedures. In teaching practice you just adopt someone else’s class so you never see that part, then you wonder why it all falls apart when you have your own class!"

- Emilie C.



Teachers learn the Smooth-Running Classroom Method through on-demand trainings that are flexible to fit into any schedule.


Teachers are never on their own. Our team of mentors are always available to answer questions, provide expert feedback, and help troubleshoot challenges.


As teachers develop and implement an effective classroom management plan, they will regain respect and gain the confidence they need to  inspire students for years to come.

the smooth-running classroom METHOD

In the Mentorship, we help teachers develop & implement an effective classroom management plan using this three-step process:



Teachers create a written plan that includes procedures, expectations, consequences, positive reinforcement,  and more.



Teachers learn and practice the skills they need to use their plan effectively.



Teachers troubleshoot areas that aren't working to find a better solution.

“I had struggled with my classroom management.  I cried about once a week last year and was ready to walk out. My students took advantage of my lack of confidence and consistently acted out in numerous ways.

Now, I have so much more confidence in myself and in my classroom management. We are practicing, correcting, and staying consistent with consequences and procedures. 

I have my students wrapped around my finger and I love teaching again.”

- Bridget


Classroom Management is just step 1 of our process.

Once your teachers' classroom management plans are established & working, we will walk them through the rest of the Empowered Teacher Bridge, helping them better manage their time, engage their students, and more.

Reduce Chaos

Teachers develop & implement an effective classroom management plan to create a smooth-running cassroom

Establish Balance

Teachers learn how to prioritize their time so they can get everything important done without running themselves ragged

Engage Students

Teachers learn how to create engaging lessons that keep their students motivated and help them succeed.

Trust God

Teachers explore what it looks like to depend on God, rest in His goodness, and teach in His strength.

Grow Your Impact

Teachers discover ways to help students grow in leadership, character, and their relationship with God.

"My classroom was completely transformed! Within 4 weeks, I had students who showed more respect and who took responsibility over their actions. Not only did behaviors decrease, but the students were more engaged and productive! I also felt like I was able to teach more because I wasn't dealing with numerous problems per class. Amazing!"

- Becca R., 4th grade teacher

A Need This Big Can't Fall Through the Cracks

New teachers desperately need help figuring out how to run their classrooms effectively. 

But when everyone that could help is already stretched so thin, there's not a lot of space to give new teachers the support they need.

With the Teach 4 the Heart Mentorship, you can rest assured this vital need won't fall through the cracks.

It's time to empower your teachers!

In the Teach 4 the Heart Mentorship, your teachers will...

Get the tools they need to confidently handle misbehavior without feeling stressed or anxious

Reduce chaos and create a smooth-running classroom

Better engage their students, keep their attention, and help them succeed!

Regain the respect of both students & parents

Be equipped to succeed at teaching so they don't give up and can be effective for years to come

"I feel much more confident this year. I’ve started my year with clear and firm expectations, and I’m not letting the little things go this time around. As a result, my classroom is operating MUCH more efficiently. Thanks for the help!"

- Kara K. 


Hi! I’m Linda Kardamis, former teacher and founder of Teach 4 the Heart.  Over the last nine years, we've helped over 21,000 teachers improve their classroom management, and we are excited to work with your teachers, too.

Our team of mentors includes teachers with experience with a variety of age levels and subjects, including special education.

Linda Kardamis is the creator of Pray & Plan: the planner for Christian teachers

"I really appreciate all the very specific suggestions and the encouragement that anyone can have a well managed class."

We help teachers develop and implement an effective classroom management plan so they can regain respect and inspire students for years to come.


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