We're hiring!

Dream job alert!

If you love writing, you love learning & playing around with new technology, and you have a passion to help teachers & make a difference in the field of education, this might just be your dream job!

Teach 4 the Heart is a virtual organization dedicated to helping teachers thrive so they can shine the light of the Gospel in their classrooms. We do this by providing teacher training, support & encouragement from a Biblical perspective.

We are looking for a new part-time team member to assist our team in a variety of tasks, including writing, customer support, and program set-up.

This job is right for you if you….

  1. Have at least 2-3 years of teaching experience and a desire to share that experience & help mentor other teachers(However, you would ideally not currently be teaching or only teaching part-time to allow adequate time for this position)
  2. Enjoy & are skilled in writing (able to be both compelling & concise)
  3. Enjoy learning new technology, software, and apps and are extremely comfortable troubleshooting tech issues & finding solutions
  4. Are able to manage & balance multiple projects and tasks without much oversight
  5. Are organized and detail-oriented
  6. Have a firm faith in Jesus and strong commitment to follow Scripture

Our business is completely virtual, and in our (totally unbiased 🙂 opinion, we think this is an awesome place to work!

But not everything is rainbows & unicorns. Here’s some good news & bad news..


  • The hours are a bit weird. At first, we may have around 10 hours per week, and then as you start to get more familiar with our business + seasonality, we’re hoping to increase that to 20-30 hours a week. We’d also be open the possibility of full-time work if you’re interested in that.So, if you’re looking for something full-time to start, or only want to work a few hours indefinitely, then this is no longer the “coolest” job ever and probably isn’t a good fit.
  • We’re looking for someone who can join the team with limited hours but is prepared to increase to additional hours over the next year. We also expect you to prioritize this position and not view it as “just another side gig.”


  1. Everything is virtual, so no need to commute, and you can wear whatever you want! Such a huge time/cost savings! You will have the opportunity to connect with teammates in biweekly team meetings (online) and in our chat groups. 
  2. The work is fun, fresh, and varied. You’ll be working with our team to support & encourage teachers.
  3. We’re not big on stress.  So, while we will expect you to work efficiently and get things done, we focus on open communication and getting things done right the first go around. When things start to fall behind, we work together to find solutions rather than expecting you to burn the midnight oil to get caught up.
  4. The hours are super flexible. You have a lot of flexibility to choose when you work during the week. We do have biweekly team meetings and meetings for specific projects, but beyond that, you can typically choose when you work.
  5. You won’t be bored. We are a small organization, so we cannot afford to waste time. We prioritize spending our time on the right things & getting them done as efficiently as possible. It’s also expected that each team member will wear a variety of hats, balance multiple projects, and utilize a variety of skills. This means there’s always a lot of variety in what you’re doing, and being bored won’t be an issue.
  6. We value work/life balance & support families: While we value efficiency, we also value work/life balance. We work with team members’ schedules and adjust responsibilities as needed so that team members are working an optimal # of hours for their life situation. We seek to work ahead so that there is margin, allowing us flexibility when things inevitably come up. 

insights into the position

These are meant to give you an idea of what we need & what you can expect:

1. You need to be excited about our mission to help teachers thrive so they can shine the light of the Gospel in their classrooms. This job may be right for you if you cannot wait to support teachers, whether it’s writing content for them, providing answers to member questions, or helping set up the backend of our trainings and programs.

2. You’ll be communicating with our audience & team. So, you need to have a passion to help teachers and the ability to communicate with empathy & care, even when you’re having a bad day. You also need to enjoy writing and be able to communicate in a way that is compelling & concise.

3. You’ll be working with a lot of tech. We use a lot of different software and apps. We’ll train you on everything, but it’ll feel like a lot at first. You’ll need to get up-to-speed fairly quickly and be comfortable exploring & learning new software and figuring things out on your own when needed.

4. You need to nail down the details. You don’t need to race through work and get things done sloppily (that’s the exact opposite mindset we need). I need you to have an eye for the bigger picture + how things fit together and be able to nail the details that match, and get them done efficiently.

5.  You won’t just be checking boxes. While some tasks will be fairly cut-and-dried, many responsibilities will require you to think creatively come up with ideas and solutions, and adjust processes as needed to meet our goals.

6. Your responsibilities will be varied. As a small company, all our team members wear a lot of different hats. Don’t worry - we won’t throw all of them at you at once, but you do need to be prepared to balance quite a few different projects and roles. That means you need to be good at managing your time and prioritizing what’s most important.

7. You need to share our company values. At Teach 4 the Heart, we have five core values: innovative problem solving, a passion to help, abundance mindset, Biblical thinking, and balance/margin. Please listen to an explanation of these values here. We welcome you to apply if you share these values!

We don’t expect perfection for you to qualify. We are prepared to train you and to make sure you have the tools you need to succeed! We expect you to bring solid writing skills, intelligence, energy, organization, and a problem-solving, get-it-done attitude.

Some things you’ll be responsible for…

  1. Writing emails 
  2. Creating social media posts
  3. Answering members’ questions about teaching (via email, video, and in coaching calls)
  4. Writing headlines & descriptions for podcasts and blog posts
  5. Writing a compelling 300-500 word blurb from an existing podcast episode
  6. Writing promotional messaging & helping create sales pages
  7. Setting up programs (working with various software & apps to set up the back-end of programs and make them user-friendly)

What does success look like in this role?

  • Completing tasks on time
  • Writing in a compelling, concise way
  • Identifying ways we can be more effective
  • Paying attention to details so that programs are set up correctly


  • Rate: $18-20/hr to start, with room to grow as you grow 
  • Hours: 10 hrs/week to start and likely growing to 20-30 hours over the course of the next year
  • Virtual position: You can work from anywhere, but we do prefer someone who is within 3 hours of the Eastern time zone
  • Start date: ideally within the next few months (depending on how long the application/interview process takes)

In addition to being a detailed person, you’ll need to follow systems & processes. To prove that you can do that, when you apply for this position, please use the secret subject line in your email. The subject line must say “Newest team member.” That’s our way of sorting out people who send resumes for everything from those who really want this position & care enough to read all the way through & pay attention to the details 🙂

We are hoping to bring our new team member on board as soon as possible, but we will spend the time needed to find the best fit in abilities & culturally. One thing that will give you a big leg up (but is optional) is to send a quick video along with your resume. You can upload your video to YouTube & include a link in your email. If you choose not to send a video, just include a brief explanation of why you decided not to.


  1. Fill out this application here.
  2. Create a cover letter or video telling us why you are a good fit for this job specifically. Let us know why you’d be perfect for this job & why we’d be thrilled to have you on the team.
  3. After submitting the application, email your video or cover letter to linda@teach4theheart.com with the secret subject line.

We can’t wait to meet you!

Applications are due by November 30, 2022 (earlier applications may be given first consideration).