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Teacher Success Roadmap
Classroom Management 101

Classroom Management 101 

If you're struggling with classroom management, then Classroom Management 101 is the solution you've been looking for.

This online course will guide you step-by-step through the process of developing & then implementing a strong classroom management plan.

It's a complete, organized system that will ensure you don't miss any of the crucial elements needed to run a successful classroom.

Open year-round. Complete at your own pace.

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FREE training: Teach With Faith
(Not Fear)

Grow your impact in your public school without compromising your beliefs

Teaching in public schools is a high & important calling. But if you've been at it long, you know it comes with its own unique challenges.

Perhaps you feel like the odd man out, always worried you'll say the wrong thing or someone will take it the wrong way.

Or maybe you teach in a school with lots of other Christians, but you still want to do more to transform your school with God's love and truth.

Either way, join us in this free training event to discover how to teach with faith, not fear. How to follow God's leading and make a bigger impact than ever, despite the challenges.

Tuesday, October 17
8:45pm EST

summer book club for teachers - create your dream classroom

Teach Uplifted

Are you discouraged, stressed, and frustrated with teaching?

Join us in Teach Uplifted & discover how to renew your passion for teaching by finding joy & peace in Christ.

This 6-week program will change not only your teaching but also your life as you deepen your relationship with Christ & learn to trust and rest in Him even in the midst of difficult circumstances.

Enrollment opens September 28.
Program starts October 9.

Dates are subject to change because, well, no one but God knows the future. But we will do our best to keep this page as up-to-date as possible.

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