3-Day Classroom Management Tune-Up | Free Training for Teachers

FREE Challenge February 15-17, 2022

Easy tweaks to cut distractions & restore focus

Have things gone off-track in your classroom?

The school year starts with excitement, gusto, & the best of intentions. But somewhere along the way, things start to slip.

In the 3-Day Classroom Management Tune-Up we'll walk you through easy tweaks you can implement right away without any prep or planning

Start Class Without the Chaos

After the Tune-Up, you will confidently know how to:

  • Reduce chaos and disruptions by shoring up procedures
  • Minimize off-task time during transitions 
  • Build a peaceful class environment by reigning in student talking

This training is designed for Christian teachers in both public and private schools. If you're not a Christian, you're welcome to join us; I know you'll find it helpful. Please be aware that we will not shy away from talking about faith and how it applies to everything we do - including teaching. Hope to see you there! ❤️

"I feel ready to tackle the chaos in my classroom and be consistent with my expectations and routines."   - Jennifer A. 


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

How does the 3-Day Tune-Up work?

When will the Tune-Up start?

How do I access the content?

How long will each day's lesson take?

Can I receive PD credit for this?

Other questions?