Classroom Chaos-Buster | Identify struggles & implement solutions

Chaos & overwhelm can be paralyzing.

But you don't have to stay stuck!

Find & fix what's not working


  • Rude and disrespectful comments happen all the time and you don't know how to deal with them.
  • You're interrupted over and over by blurting and side conversations that don't respond to correction.
  • Your warnings and redirections are ignored and giving consequences turns into a fight.
  • Students repeatedly push boundaries and you find yourself giving in more often than not.
Burnt Out Teacher

even veteran teachers are frustrated right now. 

LET'S turn things around!

You'll walk out of this 2-hour workshop with a ready-to-implement plan to reduce chaos.
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This is NOT a webinar. This is a WORKSHOP.

That means you'll actually complete the work DURING the workshop, so you'll walk away with your solutions done & ready to implement!

(no additional "homework" required) 

let's get rid of the chaos!

You can stop fearing the next discipline issue and instead feel confident you know how to adapt to situations as they arise.

You can get your students to follow procedures so your class can run smoothly without a million reminders.

And you can do all of this with consistency and flexibility so you can actually teach and your students can focus & learn.

the chaos-busting framework 

7 Ways to Keep Control of a Sunday School Class, Club, or Youth Group

Classroom management can be so overwhelming. 

In this workshop you'll pick your peskiest problem area & create a workable solution you can start implementing the very next day. 

PLUS you'll learn the chaos-busting framework that has helped 1000+ teachers find solutions for their troublesome classroom management struggles.

This 2-hour workshop will help you:

Discover three keys to reduce chaos that you can easily implement right away!

Narrow your focus to solve one classroom issue. This empowers you to find a manageable solution and build momentum you can apply to the next issue. 

Our best work happens when we rely on the Holy Spirit. Learn what that looks like practically as we intentionally walk through the troubleshooting framework.

Learn practical steps to find solutions to all the common challenges that have you scratching your head: cell phones, transitions, talking, & more! 

Discover a simple (but fun) method to force a reset, help break up bad behavioral  habits & create new, more orderly ones.

Clarify how you'll respond when students challenge your new routines so you aren't just reacting on the fly. 

when the workshop's over you'll have an effective plan

- and way less stress!! -

"The insights are specific enough to guide you in the right direction, but generic enough to allow you to add your own preferences and personality into your plan."

Teach 4 the Heart

 - Carmen, 1st grade teacher

The Classroom Chaos-Buster Workshop helps you minimize the overwhelm so you can:
  • Step out of urgency to clearly identify the root of your classroom issues
  • Narrow your focus to the struggle that will have the biggest impact when remedied
  • Consider solutions that take into account your unique students and school culture 
  • Experience relief as you intentionally implement change... and follow up to make sure it works! 
  • Repeat the process so you're making forward progress without burning out
I generally have time to get everything done without working insane hours.

You'll walk out of this 2-hour workshop with a ready-to-implement plan to reduce chaos.
Watch the REPLAY JUST: $19!


Solve your biggest issue with us in this hands-on workshop!

Woman teaching a class

In this Classroom Chaos-Buster Workshop, you will....

You'll learn a simple process to get students to actually FOLLOW your procedures. This does two things:

  • Drastically reduces chaos (because students are following the procedures consistently)
  • Shows that you mean what you say, which earns your students' respect & changes the tone of your classroom (for good!)


It's overwhelming when there are so many issues.  We'll help you choose which one to tackle first.

  • We'll identify which problem, when solved, will make the biggest difference in reducing chaos in your classroom.
  • Then, we'll focus on solving that one issue (which is super doable!)


Learn how to use our troubleshooting system (ISDI) to identify solutions & then pick the best one.

  •  Ask the right questions to find the right solutions!
  • Brainstorm with fellow teachers & ask the instructor for help LIVE when needed.
  • Fix your biggest problem today & use the process over and over to solve future problems, too!


Discover a simple (but fun) method to force a reset, help break up bad behavioral habits & get students onboard with your new solution. You will...

  • Plan a classroom shake-up to create a reset.
  • Be ready to address the first issues that pop up so students take your new policies serious.
  • Regain respect as you consistently follow your new plan.

We do all this & more in the Classroom Chaos-Buster Workshop!


Access the Workshop replay  

as soon as you purchase!!

a calmer classroom is within reach!

You'll walk out of this 2-hour workshop with a ready-to-implement plan to reduce chaos.

Watch the REPLAY JUST: $19!

"I have much more confidence and ownership over my classroom."

Teach 4 the Heart

 - Laura

ENROLL TODAY to get these AMAZING BONUSES, designed to help you ELIMINATE CHAOS even faster! 

Personality Inventory & reflection

Develop an awareness of your personality and how that it might affect your classroom management style, BEFORE adjusting your classroom management plan in our workshop.

($10 value) 

Classroom Management Troubleshooting Cheat Sheet

Having this cheat sheet available in tough classroom moments will focus your attention on what matters and remind you that change is possible. 

($10 value) 

follow-up coaching call

Join us on a live coaching call after you've implemented your new processes so our Mentorship panel help can help answer any follow-up questions that result.   

($20 value) 

Quick Start Plan

You don't have to hope you'll just remember everything we discuss. Your purchase gives you lifetime access to our replay so you can rewatch as needed. 

($15 value)

That's over $50 worth of bonuses!


Hi! I’m Linda Kardamis, former teacher and founder of Teach 4 the Heart. I know what it's like to feel like a failure in your own classroom - to be lost and confused and have no idea what to do to turn things around. My first year teaching was a mess. Giving "the look" was about as far as I thought through having a plan but I didn't have anything for what would happen after that. Needless to say, it didn't take long for the effectiveness of that to run out.  I didn't know where to turn.

Praise God, He didn't leave me there. He led me to the solutions and strategies I needed to create a smooth-running classroom, and I'm so thankful He's allowed me to share those strategies with over 28,000 teaches - helping them improve their classroom management and regain their students' respect. I can't wait to hear how this workbook helps you create a respectful classroom, too!

Linda Kardamis teaching

This looks great... but I have some questions!

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

When is the workshop?

βœ” This live workshop occurred on  Monday, November 14th. 

Purchasing now will give you access to the video replay of the workshop PLUS all the bonus materials right away.  

How much does it cost to attend this workshop?

βœ” Your ticket to this 2-hour training is only $19 and it includes over $50 worth of bonus materials.

 Your purchase of this workshop supports the creation of free content at Teach 4 the Heart. Thank you for supporting us in our mission to encourage & equip Christian educators.

Who is this workshop designed for?

βœ” This program is for K-12 teachers who are tired of dealing with constant chaos. These teachers want to love teaching (again) and create a calmer, more respectful classroom. The framework I will teach has been used successfully by teaching veterans, newbies, special education teachers, those who teach electives, long term substitutes and more! The workshop will help you create a plan that works for you and your teaching situation. 

What's included with my purchase?

βœ” Your ticket to the 2-hour workshop where you'll learn the mindset shifts, troubleshooting framework, and implementation tips that allow you to smoothly solve classroom management struggles.

βœ” Lifetime access to the workshop replay so you can refresh whenever you need. 

βœ”  Bonus: Classroom Management Troubleshooting Cheatsheet to post and keep this framework handy whenever you need it. 

βœ” Bonus: Personality Inventory and Reflection in two formats (printable PDF and editable Google Doc) to help you make connections between your classroom strengths, weaknesses, and preferences.

βœ” Certificates of Completion that you can submit for potential PD credit over the 2 hours of content. ACSI teachers; This course has been approved for .33 ACSI CEUs. 

I am busy that night. Can I get the replay?

βœ” Yes! Everyone who purchases a ticket to this live event will also receive access to the replay but we highly suggest you make it live because then if you have questions I can answer them during the live Q&A. Plus, you'll gain a wealth of info & encouragement during the breakout room portion of the workshop with all the other teachers who will be there live.

I'm a veteran teacher. Is this workshop going to be useful for me?

βœ” Yes! We've heard from multiple teachers who have been in the classroom for 10+ years that this troubleshooting framework helped them identify both their strengths in the classroom as well as where they needed to shore up procedures. This workbook will help you get specific about the things that matter in your classroom.  Hear from an actual customer below:

❀️ "The insights are specific enough to guide you in the right direction, but generic enough to allow you to add your own preferences and personality into your plan.."

- Carmen, 1st grade teacher

How long will it take to complete the workshop?

βœ” The workshop will take 2 hours and you'll be ready to implement your plan as soon as it's over. There will be no outside work unless you choose to repeat the framework with your additional classroom challenges. 

Can I get extra training if I'm unsure of ideas on a section of the plan (procedures, expectations, etc.)?

βœ” Yes! If you find your stress level rising because you’re overwhelmed at any point, then consider upgrading to the All-New Classroom Management 101.  

Inside the All-New CM101, Teach 4 the Heart founder Linda Kardamis shares trainings and ideas for every stage along the way as she walks you step-by-step through writing out all aspects of your classroom management plan. 

If I don't like the workshop, can I get a refund?

βœ” Yes! We have a 30-day guarantee on all of our training programs. If for any reason you're not satisfied with the training, contact us within 30 days for a full refund.

How can I receive PD credit for completing the workshop?

βœ” Every school has different rules, but we do provide a certificate of completion that you can submit for potential PD credit over the 2 hours of content.

ACSI teachers: This course has been approved for .33 ACSI CEUs.

Can I purchase multiple tickets for my teachers to attend?

βœ” Yes! Please email us at and let us know how many teachers will be participating so we can provide you with an appropriate discount.

Do you accept POs?

βœ” Of course! We are happy to accept purchase orders individual and/or school licenses. Simply email your PO to, and we will get you set up.

Still have questions?

βœ” Of course! We're happy to help! Email us at and someone on our team will get back to you within 2-3 business days.


Access the Workshop replay  

as soon as you purchase!!

Watch the REPLAY JUST: $19!